"Dima, this is Tim."

Translation:Дима, это Тим.

November 3, 2015

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I can't write the letter


Get a russian keyboard from the app store


You can juste add it natively without downloading an extra app.


How do you do that?


How can I get it, please reply?!


Check your "Language and Input" settings, which you may find in Settings->Extended Settings. There, list of keyboards used is given -- tap the one you prefer (in case you have several; for me it's Swipe) and proceed to its vocabulary settings. There, an option to add new languages is what you seek. sry for english


Bless you for this.


I can, and I didn't downloaded any app.

I'm only using the Samsung's native Russian keyboard, that can be downloaded on the cell phone.


"I didn't downloaded any app." A sec after: "I have ___ that can be dowloaded" Kinda funny


While in your keyboard go top right click the gear and switch language to русский to type cyrillic letters


If your phone uses g-board, click on the little gear button then it will say languages then you can add russian


You can go to settings and change it


What is the difference between "это" and "этот"


For example: this is a cat – это кот, this cat – этот кот


So it suggests me to use russian keyboard. It's okay, i can set it, but i don't know the location of the character and i can see it only at google translator. Isn't it problematic?


The location of the letters will depend if you installed a Phonetic keyboard(where the keys mostly correspond with their closest latin counterpart) or the ЙЦУКЕН keyboard (which is Russia's most commonly used keyboard layout). If you installed the ЙЦУКЕН, this site is a very good resource for learning how to touch type in Russian. To use the site for Russian, you must go to the settings, click on the "Keyboard Layout" settings and select the Russian keyboard. Good Luck!


I have that for years (Windows includes it), but still i can't memorize it. I can type at full speed with turkish, that was much easier to memorize (it is basically just a standard qwerty with some extra). The thing i've tried to suggest is that maybe you could somehow help the newbies somehow about the typing part. By the way i know that the alphabet is the easiest part, while most of the outsiders find that the hardest :) Also i could never use the "english phonetic" writing, Hungarian is just much better for that :D


For those with a touch screen monitor/computer, use the on screen keyboard to learn the locations....


Русский is Russian for "Russian" right?


Дима, это Тим; Тим, это Дима



It would be really great if we could alternatively use a cursive font like Mistral in MS Word, to start getting used to the very different Russian script!


Duolingo does not have a Cyrillic font. It uses your browser or device's defaults for Sans Serif fonts.



Great to know! BTW, I note that for those using Chrome, if you just go to Settings > Customize fonts, you can customize the Sans Serif font to "Segoe script" for a pretty good cursive, similar to what Shady_arc found above. Believe me, it's tough at first, but obviously it must get to be second nature before long...


Just go in " settings" >"keyboard layout">add language> select russian language.


You can't write Russian if you don't have the Russian keyboard available


Interesting how this doesn't provide letters with accents like some of the other languages. This means I will need a Russian keyboard, a guide with Russian alt keys, or an add on app to complete these lessons.


In this day and age, your PC already has support for all major languages.

  • Windows 10: it is in Settings( Control Panel) → Time and Language → Language
  • Windows 7: check Control Panel → Clock, Language and Region → Keyboards and Languages → Change Keyboards .

Windows 10 and Mac OS have phonetic layouts in case you do not have a Russian keyboard and do not want to memorise the standard layout (йцукен). Windows 7 does not have one but you can download it (Microsoft lets users create custom layouts).

(on phones/tablets it is usually not as hidden; the layout is also not an issue)


https://sites.psu.edu/symbolcodes/languages/europe/cyrillic/cyrillicchart/ Link to a list of Russian letter codes for use with a keyboard.

You will need to type these out in Word first if you go this route, then copy and paste into Duolingo because apparently the app is not friendly to alt codes.

Also, if you go this route, you will require a number pad on your keyboard.


The easiest solution is to add a Russian keyboard if you're on a Windows operating system.

Windows 10 - Go to "Settings." Go to "Time and Language." Go to "Language." Click "Add a preferred language." Add Russian. Next to date and time you can now swap between ENG and РУС (Russian) by clicking the ENG icon next to the date and time on the lower right hand corner of the screen. If you are using an English physical keyboard, you will likely want to use a virtual keyboard. Go to "Settings." Go to "Ease of Access." Scroll down on the left side of the screen to "Interaction" and click on "Keyboard." Turn "Use the On-Screen Keyboard" on and you will be provided with a clickable keyboard.


I am confused. I answered "Dima, ето Tim." and it told me it was incorrect. How is this different than the correct answer?


I think their transliteration engine accepts either everything in Cyrillics or everything transliterated, Also "это" is the correct word.


Ah! Much appreciated!


Why does the letter "о" of это sound like "a"?


The syllable is unstressed. We still spell vowels in a lot of different ways, depending on how the sounds got there, even though the pronunciation of standard Russian these days only distinguishes between a-like, u-like and i-like vowels in the unstressed syllables.


это [ эта ]


Could you use зто тим, like this is tim said by tim when for example answering a phone, insted of telling some one else that this is tim? Or should you just say я тим like I am tim?


Yes, that is possibIe.

Note that з, which Iooks like a 3, stands for the Z sound. "E" (as in "pet") is Э, which is a lot like flipped E, only rounded (Є)


Зто Тим = zto Tim, Это Тим = Eto Tim.


Typed exact with Russian keyboard said зто was wrong still


Because you wrote ЗТО instead of ЭТО. "Зто" has no meaning. Actually its very difficult even to pronounce it.)))

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Дима это - Тим Is is wrong?


Where is my Russian keyboard??


You can add/remove languages and keyboard layouts in your Settings or Control Panel. On Windows, it is in Time, Region and Language. On mobile devices, it is usually in System → Keyboard/Input settings or something like that.

If you already have at least two languages, Windows displays a language bar in the right part of your task bar. You can access language settings quickly from there.


First time writing in Russian, thanks to SwiftKey Keyboard. Man, the keys are disorienting, there's so many letters! I guess it's gonna take a while for me to get used to this.


really hard to get because im on Chromebook add Russian keyboard please


What is the best keyboard to use different languages?


"Тим" common Russian name?


Not sure. St. Timothy (the writer of that Bible book) is a saint venerated in the Eastern Orthodox Church, from which most of the Russians are from. I guess they are just giving us a much easier name to spell. Some Russian name tend to be actually longer, like Alexander, Nikolai, or Anastasia. Or maybe "Tom, Tim tam." just sounds a little bit funny to them.


I did get an app and I tried to do it in settings, and my phone wont let me! Pls help


Which app and settings? For one, is it an Android phone?


I'm on PC. I cannot type in Russian.


What the meaning of том ? I think it's mean this is too


Hello, I'm French. I can't have the russian letters in my keyboard...I can't write it !


How can one actually learn the Russian alphabet characters and pronunciation? This is going too far too fast.


What's the difference between "е" and "э" in "Ето/Это"? (If there is a difference)


I do not have any way of writing Russian letters except by copying and pasting what is given.


Ho w do we write Russian letters??????


Add a language and a keyboard layout in your language settings (on a desktop/laptop) or an additional keyboard in your input/keyboard settings (on a mobile device). The exact location depends on what your device is.

For example, Windows 10 has it in Settings → Time&Language→Language.


i have a huawei phone with no russian keyboard


DJs and producers v


I wrote this w a keyboard holy shit this confused me

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