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  5. Very happy, but also sad...


Very happy, but also sad...

Weeeee!!! Finally I can study Russian here.... I am very happy because of this, but also I am very sad because while I was waiting for you I sticked to French and Turkish, and I will not appear here before I finish the French tree and review Turkish appropriately. :'(

Last year I studied for a while, but I got bored studying grammar books.... looking forward to picking Russian again :D

So..... see you soon, друзьа! (EDIT: I mean, друзья. Thank you NorskJager175, I thought I knew some words, but now I am like Socrat... "I know nothing!" huehuehue)

November 3, 2015



This is a sign that I need to study Russian HAHAHA Take a lingot :)


Да хаха спасибо!


Now I have edited the post. :)))) Muito obrigado!

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