"my apple"

Translation:моё яблоко

November 3, 2015



мой, моя, моё, мои

I thought I had these figured out lol But I guess not. Can someone explain, please? Thank you in advance.


Possessive pronouns, like adjectives, change based on the gender and the number of the noun that they describe. мой - masculine, моя - feminine, моё - neuter, мои - plural (any gender). The gender of the noun is a complex matter, but as a rule of thumb, if the noun ends with о, its gender is neuter. (I can't think of an exception.)


Any masculine given name or surname ending with -о.
Also some loanwords, like торнадо.

But it's safe to ignore them for now.


Interesting! I didn't know торнадо is masculine. So are, apparently, евро and сирокко [1]. Curiously, English wiktionary [2] marks торнадо as neuter, unlike Russian one.

[1] http://www.gramota.ru/slovari/dic/?lop=xbts=xzar=xag=xab=xsin=xlv=xaz=xpe=xword=сирокко

[2] https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/торнадо


You have to look at the final letter to find out what gender the word is in.

Words that end with а or я are feminine, о or е are neuter, ы or и are plural and everything else is masculine.

Words that end with ь may be both feminine and masculine!

There are a some exceptions though; кофе, папа, дядя, дедушка and мужчина are masculine.


I thought apple was feminine


What is the true word моя мои мой?

I don't understand


how am i supose to type in russina on a engilsh key borad


Go to your device's settings


I have SwiftKey keyboard, you can download the keyboards, I have French with azerty, Spanish and English with qwerty and Russian keyboard

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