"my apple"

Translation:моё яблоко

November 3, 2015



мой, моя, моё, мои

I thought I had these figured out lol But I guess not. Can someone explain, please? Thank you in advance.


Possessive pronouns, like adjectives, change based on the gender and the number of the noun that they describe. мой - masculine, моя - feminine, моё - neuter, мои - plural (any gender). The gender of the noun is a complex matter, but as a rule of thumb, if the noun ends with о, its gender is neuter. (I can't think of an exception.)


Any masculine given name or surname ending with -о.
Also some loanwords, like торнадо.

But it's safe to ignore them for now.


Interesting! I didn't know торнадо is masculine. So are, apparently, евро and сирокко [1]. Curiously, English wiktionary [2] marks торнадо as neuter, unlike Russian one.

[1] http://www.gramota.ru/slovari/dic/?lop=xbts=xzar=xag=xab=xsin=xlv=xaz=xpe=xword=сирокко

[2] https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/торнадо


Oohhh, thank you so much, It makes sense now, I was wondering why there were so many of these word but they all have the same meaning.


You have to look at the final letter to find out what gender the word is in.

Words that end with а or я are feminine, о or е are neuter, ы or и are plural and everything else is masculine.

Words that end with ь may be both feminine and masculine!

There are a some exceptions though; кофе, папа, дядя, дедушка and мужчина are masculine.


I thought apple was feminine


What is the true word моя мои мой?

I don't understand


Спасибо! <3


I thought it was яблока, not яблоко


how am i supose to type in russina on a engilsh key borad


Go to your device's settings


I have SwiftKey keyboard, you can download the keyboards, I have French with azerty, Spanish and English with qwerty and Russian keyboard


You need to download the russian keyboard from your keyboard settings. Then you'll just have to swipe on the space key to switch between languages.


Press and hold spacebar and press language settings

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