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немає at the end of a sentence.

In the Genitive section, one is often asked to translate sentences like, "I don't have wine." Other Ukrainian resources I have seen would translate this as "У мене вина немає", thus requiring немає to be at the end of the sentence.

The Duolingo app will only accept an answer of "У мене немає вина." Are both correct? Should Duolingo accept the version with немає at the end?

Thanks! Matt

November 3, 2015



Both sentences are correct but the connotation differs. "У мене немає вина" is a simple ascertaining. "У мене вина немає" is more likely an excuse or disavowal which can be used in conversational speech: - Мені негайно потрібно вино і горілка! - У мене вина немає (assuming that горілка is there)


I believe both should be correct because немає is a verb and verbs can possibly go to the end of a phrase because of how flexible Ukrainian is


both are correct. there is no diff even in emphasise.

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