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  5. "Jenny is in the subway."

"Jenny is in the subway."

Translation:Дженни в метро.

November 3, 2015



If Duolingo wants to teach someone a language that has such a different alphabet, then they should teach all the letters and their sounds in the beginning. The alphabets of most Germanic and Latin laguages aren't that hard to figure out, but this is something else.


Completely agree. I was thrown off entirely because i dont know the alphabet/symbols. Makes progression that much more difficult.


Yes! I know hindi alphabets and learning more hindi, But it is teaching mixed letters like consonant and vowels mixed. Luckily I know them


Why all the English names?


They are familiar names, many of which are also used in Russia, though maybe in a slightly different form. They are being used to teach the different alphabet more than anything else.


Ok, I lived in Ukraine and can spell normal names there, but the moment a foreign name comes up I just want to second guess myself.


And im getting annoyed with ivan Ivanovich and ivan chernov


I don't have the Russian keyboard so how can I write Russian with the English keyboard and it still gets accepted?? Or does anyone know how to get the Russian keyboard


You can go to settings and search keyboard. Then, change the language.


I recommend downloading the app swiftkey :)


So if you were to transliterate the English "j" sound to Russian Cyrillic, would it always be "дж"? For example my name is Angela, would that be written... Анджела?


No, the 'Д' by it self can be twisted to fit the means sometimes. Your name would actually be spelled; 'Анжела' (Anzhela)


I still dont get how ж acutally sound like in a word


When do I use 'в' and when do I use 'во'?


"во" is used before words with a consonant cluster, typically two or more.

Например, мы говорим, что мы ВО Франции, но В России.


if metro is acceptable as metro, than why Jenny can't be accepted as Jenny.


I try to type in russian but it wont let me, so i go to settings but i cant figure out how to type with the cryllic alphebet


Use for example SwiftKey keyboard and add Russian in settings. Works great!


Legend has it, she is still there


As usual, no word bank to enable me to complete the exercise.


I dont have a Russian keyboard how do i get around this


On Android, you can use Gboard. There should be something similar for Apple phones. If you are on a PC or Mac or other desktop device there there may be an On Screen Keyboard to let you click on the Russian letters directly without guessing or pasting letters on your actual keyboard. But before that find out how to install a Russian layout, depending on your platform.


How do you say Jenny in russian but with "normal" letters?


Can you say: дженни находиця (or however you write that, haha) в метро?


What's the difference between 《вот》 and 《в》?


Confused between ж/ц


I don't have the russian key board so how will i write russian with English keyboard?


For some of the words it will let me translate into the letter's equivalent and accept it. For example велосипед I can write velociped and it will say correct. For the ones that duo won't accept, I just copy and paste. Not the perfect solution, but I hope this helps!


Add Russian to your keyboard. It is easy and you can switch back and forth.


If you do not want to do that, use



Why am I being assked repeatedly to spell this name? Move on to a word I will actually be using.


People names shouldn't be charged as something you should know.


If we've learned anything about Jenny so far, she should probably NOT be in the subway right now...


I do not have a Russian keyboard, nor will I. Ever. Stop doing this crap. Thank god I'm using the website and not the app, because if I kept losing hearts because you insist I use a keyboard I don't have I would never use your stupid app again. Instead, I'm simply stuck in the lesson, and if I want to finish it, my only recourse is to get it wrong, copy the text informing me of the correct answer, and then paste it into the text box.

I've been studying both Chinese and Japanese through Duolingo, and both of these writing systems are comprised of non-roman characters, yet never once was I forced in either of those two courses to type non-roman characters. So, why in God's name do you insist on doing it here?

I'm studying Russian on my breaks at work. Because I like learning languages and I have a friend at work who is from the Ukraine. Since we work on government contracts, I'm fairly certain my IT manager would at least have to ask me why I want to install the Russian keyboard. STOP THIS. If you want me to enter Russian characters, at least give me the frigging word bank.

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