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на + type of meal

Hello! Why is на+type of meal in the accusative case, and not the prepositional? For example, in the sentence я хочу приготовить суп на обед, why is it на обед instead of на обеде? I thought that "at lunch" was "на обеде"? Is it similar to на+acc for the verbs of motion? Thank you for answering!

November 3, 2015



на обед = for lunch (to cook something for lunch) or to lunch (to go to lunch), на обеде = at lunch (to be at lunch). Prepositions are often weird, you just have to remember them (like phrasal verbs in English)


I like to think of it as "to eat to dinner" or "to eat to lunch", much like the German "Abend zu essen" or "Mittag zu essen", or the Norwegian "å spise til middag" or "å spise til lunsj". So to give a simpler answer: yes, it is very similar to the verbs of motion, if you want to think of it that way. I've noticed most languages don't literally use the word "for" in these phrases like we do in English.


Я хочу приготовить суп на обедЕ - It would be a very wierd sentence meaning that someone wants to cook the soup during the lunch (All guests are eating, only one poor person is cooking)

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