"Baklavanın tadı çok güzel."

Translation:The taste of baklava is very good.

November 3, 2015

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Baklava Dünya'da en iyi güzel bir şey! Balkan'dan selamlar!


Cevizli baklava en iyisi :) Türkiye'den selamlar ;)


Baklava iki gün için Insha'Allah. Bosna'dan selamlar :)


Fıstıklı daha güzel bence


Bence ikisi de güzel. Also in my country it is always a baklava with walnuts(cevizli), I don't know anybody that is making it with with pistachios(fıstıklı), I only saw it in a Turkish restaurant, and tried it of course ;)


Alex baklavayı çok seviyormuş


Why don't we say taste of baklava is very beautiful?


In English we almost always use "beautiful" to refer only to the way something looks. It's possible to use "beautiful" to talk about taste or other senses, but it's rare and it's usually done metaphorically or for poetic effect.

In Turkish, "güzel" seems (from what I gather from this course - I'm happy to be corrected if I'm getting this wrong!) to be used pretty regularly in situations where it doesn't refer to what something looks like.

To me (US native English speaker) "The taste of baklava is very beautiful" doesn't exactly sound wrong, but it does sound very, very odd. I think the team is right not to take it as a standard English translation of this sentence.


yes in a way "nice" or english is "guzel" of turkish, nice dress, nice soup, nice person... Of course there are some subtleties but you get the idea


I think in inglish when we say Baklava tastes very good we mean in general the taste of baklava is good but in this special sentence "baklavanin tadi cok guzel " it is as though we are saying in this specific shop what is the best is thier baklava it means the taste of baklava is much better than thier other things . Yes!or No?


Is there a Turkish verb for to taste?


as a transitive verb, to taste something is tatmak or tadına bakmak, but here the intransitive verb, to taste+adjective (to have a particular flavor), doesn't exist as a verb in Turkish


Shouldent be baklava tasts IS very good????!!!!


Güzel can be used to mean beautiful, nice and good. Can be even used for a good personality. Don't hesitate to use it frequently.

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Shouldn't this be in English like Baklava's taste is very beautiful?


"Baklavanın tadı çok güzel." Translation: Baklava tastes very good.


Baklava tastes very nice. - Other correct English answer accepted by Duo.

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