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  5. "my guitar"

"my guitar"

Translation:моя гитара

November 3, 2015



Difference between "моя" and "мой"


"моя" is for femenine nouns and "мой" is for masculine nouns.


Thank you so much! I was totally confused.


So is the guitar a female? That doesn't help much for this example.


гитара ends in -а in its dictionary form, so it is feminine.


This helps! Are words that end with -a the only ones that are feminine?


Is it like in Spanish? If finish with 'a' is female?


thanks for the clarification


in English there are no articles that are changed by gender, but in other languages there are different articles that change based on gender, and yes, even objects, i am bilingual, i know English and Spanish, so this is common for me, i'm seeing that articles changed based on gender may be common, it is also present in German. That's a good thing about being bilingual, so keep studying!


дамн, ит старт то гет диффикулт


Are there any tips for telling the difference between feminine and masculine nouns?


Genders generally match the endings quite well. A look at the ending in the dictionary form is usually enough. It works the same for native words and loanwords (for the most part). The simplified system looks like this:

  1. Nouns ending in -а, -я, -ия, -ья are normally feminine (e.g., мама, земля, роза, гитара, история, физика). Nouns for males will still be masculine (папа, мужчина, дядя, дедушка).
  2. Consonant-ending nouns are masculine (e.g., жираф, компьютер, стул, рай, волк, гвоздь, планетарий, медведь)
  3. nouns ending in о/е/ё are neuter (e.g, молоко, море, копьё, утро, окно, яйцо).
  4. nouns ending in -ь can be feminine or consonant-ending masculine; check the dictionary.
  5. имя "name", время "time" are in a very small group of neuter nouns with an unusual declension pattern.
  6. For boy / girl names, the sex of the person is the gender of the name, i.e. Никита is masculine and Саша's gender depends on whether it stands for Alexander or Alexandra.
  7. Loanwords that violate these patterns are indeclinable

The reality is a bit more nuanced.


Why don't we have something like this to start the lesson with, instead of a not so useful tip ??

Thank you for this clear answer ! :D


Well, Duolingo initially was very eager to have a natural approach with zero grammar, and the user figuring out what is going on. Which, probably, works OK for similar languages but not so great when you cannot understand why a lot of stuff is changing for no apparent reason.

We will likely be able to incorporate some tips in the next version of the tree. Current Russian tips are only available in the desktop version (and they suffer because of the fairly long skills we made back then).


How can you tell the difference between masculine and feminine nouns?


For the most part, a look at the ending in the base form is enough, see above.

Nouns that mean males or females will match the biological sex of the person (i.e. words like папа or мужчина are masculine, and all sorts of foreign girl's names like Эшли, Каэ or Лоис are feminine)


Its quite cool app, im learning ru laungage using english, while im polish native speaker :D


And I'm German and I learn it while using english!


how do you tell when to use either the feminine or masculine form?


There are four forms Masculine ends in a consonant or ий, feminine ends in а/я, neuter e,o, plural ы/ые


You should know the gender for each noun (including objects). It's not as hard as it could seem, because you get used to the words endings in Russian.


Im assuming like most languages it depends on the noun its modifying and the gender of that noun.


Yeah, portuguese, spanish, italian, russian, all depends on the nouns. like chair = female Blanket= male


Is there a rule for when о is pronnounced more like the English O (ex. Мотор) or more like the Ah sound (ex.моя)?


It is pronounced close to the English O in "sort" when it is stressed. Without stress, it is in most situations pronounced the same way "а" is pronounced.


I've been typing the answers to translate to Russian in English. I usually get them right and it just tells me there is a typo but it's not working now. Can anyone help?


I've gotten this wrong twice. What's the difference between мой and моя?


"Мой" is the male form of the "my" and "моя" is the female form. "Гитара" is a female word, so it must be preceded with "моя".


спасибо Airmode :)


some correction спасибо = spasiba = thanks


гитара is feminine, so it softly weeps. ;)


Does "моя" "мой" depends on speaker's gender?


Why doesnt it accept if I type Мой гитара ?


Because "гитара" is a female word, and "мой" is a male word. You must use the female version of "my" (моя) if the following noun is a female word.


Iwrote : моя гитара and said is wrong!


It's мой or моя?!


Моя, because the Russian word for "guitar" is a female word, so you must select the female form of "my", which is "моя"


Не мой гетара а мая гетара в русском языке есть род


i know that "моя" is femenine and "мой" is masculine but why is "моя" used when refering to the guitar?


Гитара is feminine. Having a final -а or -я is typical of feminine nouns in Russian. Some masculine nouns are there, too (e.g., мужчина, папа, дядя, дедушка, Миша, Петя) as well as common gender nouns (пьяница, судья) but mostly you'd expect such noun to be feminine.

This is the way loanwords get their gender. Cosonant-ending nouns usually become masculine, whereas nouns ending in -а or -я tend to become feminine. It does not work with people's names, for example— Джилл is a non-declinable feminine noun (meaning, all its forms are the same) because we know it should be a female's name. Интернет, сайт, монитор or фейсбук are all masculine.


How do you pronounce "moR" (I can't type in cyrillic from my laptop but I mean the R to be backwards)


Like "ma-YA". You can add more languages to your keyboard from your language settings in your operating system, then just press Left Alt + Shift to switch between English and Russian.


Thank you, much appreciated!


im on a computer and dont have a russian keyboard XD my best response is Mor Rntapa


You can try SwiftKey keyboard app it's awesome. I can go switch between several languages so easily! I love it... You need it Lol


I used моя with папа because it ends in A and it was wrong, correct was мой.


How can I change my keyboard from English to Russian?


Guitars are neuter in my mother tongue. Damn!


My keyword doesnt have russian as a language so i keep getting the traslating questions wrong, is this happening to anyone else ??


I don't know how to type a backwards "R" on my computer, any suggestions?


Cant find the thing that i need to finish makeing this impossible.


I don't have a Russian keyboard!!


I do not have a Russian typewritting


I heard a song titled, "Армия Моя" which is "My Army" in English. I put "Моя" in the rear because I thought that it was correct. Later on, it's wrong. I'm confused. I hope someone will reply. Thanks in advance foe doing so.


Reversing the order of nouns and adjectives (an everything else) is mostly encountered in poetry. In real speech and writing Russian adjectives normally come before nouns they are attached to, just like in English.


anyone else not able to type in russian because their keyboard onyl types in english on their computer?


I'm with you I will be at a Russian middle school next year and I'm nat learning much


Try installing a keyboard layout for Russian. Windows 10 (if you use that system) has a choice betwen the standard Russian layout (ЙЦУКЕН) and the mostly phonetic "Mnemonic" layout (note that some letters are typed as combinations).

You aren't going to a Russian speaking country, are you?


thanks I'll try that


гитара, гитару, гитаре

What r the differences?


I'm a bit confused as to why sometimes "my" is моя while other times it is мой. Can anyone tell me how I'll know which is correct? Thank you.


I will like to "em гитара"


I cannot type this, I do not have a Russian keyboard


No cyryllic on my keys


can type in russian because i do not have russian keyboard

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