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To Moscow or Rome? Cyrillic or Latin?

Привет! Hello! Hola! Salut! A'Salaam!

Many times I see people asking if they should learn to use and spell in the Cyrillic Alphabet. While duolingo has the option to give the transliteration of the word instead of the actual text, you, as any level learner of the language, should always try to use the Cyrillic. I cannot tell you how to enable the Cyrillic keyboard on your specific device but I can recommend, from studying a language such as Arabic where you sometimes have the same transliteration issues, it is always best to get into the habit of reading and writing in the native alphabet. It is absolutely necessary that you at least try to use the Cyrillic Alphabet.

To Practice the Alphabet: https://quizlet.com/355386/russian-alphabet-flash-cards/

There are also many other

До Свидания! Bye! Adiós! Au Revoir! Ma-salema! -Alex

November 3, 2015



Thank you! (How does one say that in Russian?) I agree about learning the Cyrllic alphabet- I want to learn the Cyrillic from the start


"Спáсибо"-"Spásiba" Thanks for the input! :)


It is "Спасибо", without the first syllable stress. Stresses are not written in Russian at all, and in this particular word the stress falls on the second syllable.


Thanks for pointing out my mistake, my family has always pronounced it with the stressed "a" but it may be regional, also I added the stressed vowel (even though it was incorrect) because many newcomers to the Russian language do not understand the varying forms of vowels if they are stressed or unstressed.


You haven't learned russian at all if it's transliterated

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