November 3, 2015



Is this diacritical mark above the e when Duolingo writes it necessary? Is that a different letter from regular e?

  1. No, it is not mandatory but it can be useful, especially if you are just learning the language...
  2. ... because its pronunciation is completely different from е;
  3. and the meaning of the word may be different, depending on what letter is used (e.g. всё vs. все);
  4. and it may be useful to know that ё is always stressed, so it is one less thing to worry about figuring out how to pronounce a word.

The diacritic is routinely omitted in newsprint and most books. However, it is used in text books and publications for kids.


Hey, what do you mean when you say "stressed"? I've heard that term used in this context before but I never understood what it meant


Yes, this is a different letter. е is pronounced as ye, and ё as yo. Some people omit the diacritical mark. My teacher used to do that, it was driving me nuts :)


It's a different letter, but it's not totally necessary to distinguish it from E. The normal letter E is "ye" as in "yes" after a vowel and "e" as in "send" after a consonant, whereas Ë is "yo" as in "yolk".


The "Ё" is its own letter with its own sound, but it's common to substitute it with a plain "Е" in writing.


Е is ye or soft e.ё is yo totali different yes


It is a different letter pronounced like "yo" rather than "ye" without the mark. The syllable with the ё tends also to have pronunciation emphasis. I have been told that modern typography is getting laxer on differentiating the two but they are still located one after the other in my dictionary.


I think "aktyor" should be accepted.


We shouldnt encourage romanisation. If we're gonna allow that, we might aswell allow: актoр..


But romanization is already allowed.


Which is very suprising to me.


I wrote актор since i couldn't remember the right letter, and it was accepted


Can you please elaborate on why 'актoр' would not be okay? :)


Cause ё isn't "o", it's "yo".


i agree with you please accept correctly spelled cyrilic too


Not everyone has a bloody Cyrillic keyboard.


I just got it wrong for writing that


What is the difference between using о and ё in this context?


о is "o"; ё is "jo".


If "ё" is romanised as "yo", why is "aktyor" wrong when translating from English "actor"?


Short answer is I guess they think it would hurt pronunciation (giving an extremely thick mother-tongue accent) using romanization, different contexts require different spelling, etc. Though usually romanization is unnecessary, there are still some places on the internet that don't support Cyrillic input or even simple ascii and I also think aktyor should be acceptable.


Yeah, that makes sense. On a tangent, I'm absolutely in love with the devs of the Russian course not only for creating it, but for also making it available on the android app (where switching to and from the Russian keyboard is a piece of cake).


Does anyone know how to use the diacritical e on the Russian - Phonetic keyboard on a Mac?


With the Russian keyboard on, I just hold down the "E" key and the E with the diacritics shows up if you press the correlating number.


For my mac keyboard, it's on the far right underneath the delete key. Nothing special to hit.


For me it’s at option-e (aka alt-e), under Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan). If I remember right, it used to be up at the top right on the “\” key, but possibly I’m confusing that with where it is in the non-phonetic Russian layout.


A cryllic virtual keyboard for PCs is available at http://gate2home.com/Russian-Keyboard. You can copy and paste into Duolingo.


Is Актёр Masculine? (Because it ends in a consonant)


I've just started this program and the words keep changing into other words. Tim changes to "team" and "dom" changes to "gift". Is anyone else having this issue? It is hard to learn correctly when the wrong words show up.


Why "aktior" isn't accepted? It's the right way to pronounce it.


Can someone assist me in finding the Cyrillic keyboard?


If you are on a Windows system: Go to Start > Control Panel > Change keyboard or other input methods > Change keyboards > Add keyboard, then choose Russian keyboard. Make sure you press preview so you can see that it is cyrillic. The keyboard takes some time to get used to, because you can't see what key you are pressing... Hope this helps!


If you use Windows (I use Windows 10), you can easly change between those keyboards: On a hardware keyboard, press and hold the Windows logo key and then press the Spacebar to cycle through your input methods! :)


It is also possible to press Alt + Shift to switch keyboards quickly. The left and right Shift keys cycle in opposite directions, this is useful if you have more than two active.


you can use the onscreen keyboard too. Using the mouse to click each letter is slow and painful, but it's useful to have as an onscreen guide to remind you which letter is where.


I don't see an onscreen keyboard on mine...

[deactivated user]

    Press windows+r and enter OSK.


    This is what I started doing. It became a hassle so I printed the layout (just search for windows russian keyboard layout, got to images) and I keep it nearby so I can use it for reference.


    I use a Mac, so I don't know that it will work for me. I have added a "Russian" keyboard via software update, so we shall see if it works. Cpacubo tvorashi !


    Google winrus and use the keyboard there for a more phonetic version of the cyrillic keyboard, sadly I don't know if I'm allowed to link but heres the link anyway :P



    I installed a Russian keyboard and it's working fine, but don't know how to get the special symbols, like the "e" with the little dots on top. Can anyone help?


    The "ё" letter should be located on the tilde key (the key on to the left of the 1 key and under the escape key).


    It is ~ -> Ё (ё)


    On iPad ... hold down the e key until option for ё appears.


    Android on a tablet is easy


    What's the keyboard shortcut (in russian) for the e with the dieresis? Can't seem to find the combo.


    It's not a combination; it's just in a surprising place. It's on the ~ key, to the left of 1.


    Is there any website where i could learn the Russian alphabet in English as i can't switch my keyboard


    While I've now at least managed to 'learn' the Cyrillic alphabet, I'm lost as to how to proceed from here on. Do I learn the 'words' separately in English before tryna 'spell' them out in russian, or do I directly try to wire my brain to 'learn russian'? To Cyrllic or not to Cyrllic? If anyone out there can shed some light, I'll be indebted as currently, I believe I can identify with an alien that's crash-landed on a foreign land and the only way to make sense of anything lies in this app. (For the sake of which, I assume English in the app = native alien language) I don't intend to spam, but I'm gonna keep posting this comment in these threads till some saint fixes my (malfunctioning) translator or at least tells me how on [insert native planet] I can 'learn' Russian without resorting to violence or flat-out rote-learning. (Could never grasp that particular skill either in school) That is all. I'll be waiting in my smoking, broken space craft, possibly stringing together Cyrllic syllables and consonants to form (most definitely) pure nonsense. At least there's no Russian-speaker nearby to offend. Joy.


    Go directly to Cyrillic, then you won't have to unlearn/double-learn all the words, and you will get used to the precise pronunciation of the Cyrillic letters.


    В школе всегда учат что "е" и "ё" сестрички. При написании "ё" точки можно не ставить.


    Ё самостоятельная буква алфавита. Точки можно не ставить тем, кто в состоянии различить слово по памяти и контексту. Ваш совет очень вреден для тех, кто только учить язык.


    Why not appear by Russian characters?


    How should I pronounce ё?


    It's pronounced something like "yo." See the above comments for more detail.


    why is Актор wrong here? can somebody explain the difference between using o and ё(yo) here. TIA


    with the "ё", the "т" is palatalized. and it makes different meanings in russian. o is o, and ё is yo.


    I wrote akter, you wrote akter, = are these answers not the same?


    so im using a pc. would i put aktep? i dont have a russian keyboard


    There are not russian characters below so, I cannot write words properly.


    Maybe I don't understand what they're asking for. How am I supposed to write in Russian? Do they mean phonetic? If so, that seems rather subjective.


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    It said 'актер' had a "typo" in it. Seeing as the explicit 'ё' is very rarely used in Russian text unless there's legitimate concern for confusion with another word, I don't think "typo" is really the correct way to describe this "mistake".

    I don't know, maybe it's a feature of the system and the mods can't do anything about it but still it's a bit weird.

    Also, what's up with that translation? "akter" in Latin letters? If it's a transliteration shouldn't it be 'aktyor' or 'aktor' or something?


    How can I get Russian letters.


    The question asked to type actor into Russian. I only have an english alphabet keyboard.

    Am I missing something?


    how can we write in russian ? there is no possibilities to write in russian and they don't show any possibilites or words to choice like they do in the other langages. this methode to lern russion is the most cripy that I ever seen. Use the methode assimil it far better


    I don't have a Russian keyboard and in the past I would answer with Latin letters and it would be fine, but I got it wrong this time.


    I want to focus more on speaking and correctly pronouncing the words.


    Why is it актёр and not актюр?


    Why is actor, in transliteration form, not AKTIOR ?? Help, yet again - Kipps


    Why actor is актёр not актор?


    I gave up on learning Russian and have no recollection of following any of these conversations, and congrats to all of you for sticking with what you started.


    Where to use c and where to use k?




    Shouldnt "актриса" be also accepted?


    I think you have to make it offline so we can learn at any time


    Actor is аќтер еаѕу то гемвег тоо еаѕу асually


    It doesn't show the "special" letters so i can spell it right.


    hey can i still do these without a Russian keyboard


    I don't have a Russian keyboard


    Right now, I'm using http://russian.typeit.org/ to type out words in Russian. For the most part it works very well since I've just started practicing the language. Is there any other techniques or sites you'd recommend to help with the writing? Thanks!


    Hey everyone - what's the best way to enter cyrillic characters on a western keyboard? I used to use a windows add-in for Mandarin that would translate pinyin into chars, but I wasn't sure if this was the best route for Russian.

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