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How write in russian with acute accents

I'd like write with acute accents

November 3, 2015



They aren't used in writing though, they are only used in textbooks to show learners how the words are stressed because that's really important but also really unintuitive.

This is really different from Spanish and French where the accents are regularly used. In Russian, they really aren't, it's just a teaching tool.


I know ,but some words Are write with acutte acents


The acute accents are not actually in words. Learners put them there. You do not need to type them.

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Type "& + # + 769;" after a letter. Other input methods can be found on the bottom of the page: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Знак_ударения
Stress mark is mostly not needed in usual Russian texts. I remember only one word that needs stress in regular texts "бо́льшая" (bigger fem.) больша́я (big fem.). Other words like замо́к — за́мок (lock - castle) can be guessed from context.


I have never seen "бОльшая/большАя" stressed in any official text. Usually it is clear by the context.

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Not necessarily official but regular texts not intended for foreign students and children. Here are example links with a stressed "бо́льшая" I found:
And an official text from Kremlin:
Of course this usage of stressed vowels is very rare in online texts but it is still present.


Great link! Thanks. Please accept some lingots.

FWIW, as to other input methods. The method used for GTK (and several variations of it) mentioned in the article works in the VIM or GVIM editor on any OS where it can be installed, including on Windows. It is extremely useful for writing text with accents and macrons, etc.


Yeah, you don't need to write the accent marks. It's just there to teach you where to put stress.


Try to put Unicode number 0301 on a key. I don’t know how to do this on Windows or Mac. On Linux you can simply use a “xmodmap”.

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