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No "words" section in Russian course

Is this something that isn't included in the beta release? I was hoping for a nice list I could view whenever the spirit moved me.

November 3, 2015



Hasn't been included in the latest courses.


Well that's just silly. Has Duolingo given a reason for this in another thread somewhere? I can't see how implementing the 'words' section would requires any additional work as it's a list of the included words with their respective "in-need-of-review" meters. Seeing as that data is already there under the hood so to speak, I don't understand why they discontinued it. :'(


They did not discontinue it. It was added to the five original courses and has not been implemented in the others yet. It must not be as easy as you say, but if you know a lot about programming you could apply to help Duolingo.


Does it mean there will be no conjugation tables? That's a real problem!


I would also really like to see this. I think this is a useful feature because it allows you to focus on words that you are weak in, and it's also fun for seeing progress.

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