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  5. "Hello, how are you?"

"Hello, how are you?"

Translation:Привет, как ты?

November 3, 2015



What's the difference between как ты and как дела?


как ты How are you?... как дела How are you doing?


как ты in an informal way to how are you . You usually use with friends and family or people you have a good relationship with


Seems like it should be "Здравствуйте", which is formal "Hello" whereas "привет" is more informal or just "Hi"?


As far as I understand "hello" can be both "здравствуйте" and "привет" depending on the context. So, there are two possible groups of translation:

"Здравствуйте, как ваши дела?", "Здравствуйте, как у вас дела?", "Здравствуйте, как вы (поживаете)?"

or more informal:

"Привет, как дела?", "Привет, как ты?" или "Здравствуй, как дела?", "Здравствуй, как ты?".

But I'm not sure that every answer is acceptable here on Duo :) I've met the suggestion to use only "привет" as "hello" translation :)


Здравствуйте is the formal way of saying hello. You use "вы" with it. привет is a more casual way of saying hello, like to your friends. With привет, you can use ты.


We don't (normally) say "Hello" ( ) to our friends; we say "Hi" ( привет). Yet the formal translation, with Здравствуйте and вы was marked wrong.


I thouht its как дела


I've never heard this one before. Is it common?


Can someone explain why "Здравствуйте, как вас дела?" is not accepted?


It's grammatically incorrect. It may be "Как у вас дела?" or "Как ваши дела?"


What is the difference between в and ь


в is like a v. Ь is a soft sign. It would translate to the english alphabet as an apostrophe ('). But its function is to soften the consonant that proceeds it. So, т would sound like a t, but ть is almost like tyuh, except dont make any vocal noise. Try looking up a video on pronunciation. The symbol is called a makiy znak, I believe.


I think the proper way to translate this is "здравствуйте, как вы?"


Why not "как дела ты?"


Привет is hi, hello is здравствуйте


Can anyone tell me why "привет всё хорошо" is not accepted?


It is much closer to "Hello, are you OK" :)


What you wrote means "hi, all is ok?"


Алло can also be used as hello


I think that is just on the phone.


Why isn't "привет, как ты дела?" correct? Is it because it should be "(...) как тебя дела?" ?


Как тебе? ,this is not fine?.


У меня есть вопрос - можно ли использовать только "здрасти"?


Haha, I'm just learning about "как ты". My mum just taught me to always say "как дела" lol.

[deactivated user]

    Do Russians actually say, "Привет, как ты?" instead of "Привет, как дела?" And, bytheway, does "ты" sound like the English word "tea?"


    Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't "как ты" more of a way to ask how someone's emotional state is (such as after an accident of some sort)? Like more of a, "how are you holding up?" sort of thing, but maybe that's a different phrase?


    I was never offered the option "как ты" before in any lesson here. Only "как у тебя дела". So either you offer this translation before so I can learn it, or I can't know how to translate it either then "как тебя дкла".


    Стаствуй was not accepted which is a better translation if hello than привет which is more like hi.


    I once learned "Kak twoi djela idut?" as "extended" version of this question. Is that still in use?


    Привет как ты this should be a perfectly acceptable answer, yes?


    I finally received this question again during a review practice session. I was asked to translate, "Hello, how are you?" into Russian, and the only word components were those for "Привет, как ты?"

    This is only the second time I have encountered it in many months of review practice sessions.

    The problem, however, is that if you enter "...как ты?" as a translation for "...how are you?" in any other answer in these lessons, it will be marked WRONG. I believe that they should accept it across the board (where it is situationally appropriate---see below) or eliminate it entirely. Having it be correct only in one question that rarely comes up, but is otherwise marked wrong, is terrible.

    As far as the hello formality goes, I was taught---during a university Russian course---that "Привет" is the equivalent of "Hi" and that formal 'Hello" is "Здравствуйте."

    One way that you can tell which one to use is by the formality of the names. Historically, Russians would use their formal name (for example, Иван Иванович Чернов) with people they don't know well, and their nickname (Ваня) with good friends. So, formal, "Здравствуйте, Иван Иванович Чернов!" or informal, "Привет, Ваня, как дела?"

    Then there is sort of a gray area between the two, where you might use "Здравствуй, Иван."

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