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  5. "This boy is eating."

"This boy is eating."

Translation:Этот мальчик ест.

November 3, 2015



What is the difference between это and этот?


это is neuter and этот masculine eg. закрыт, пожалуйсто, это окно vs этот парень, милый.


это is also used as a demonstrative pronoun: мне это нравится


What is the difference between есть and кушать?


Есть is a regular verb for "to eat".
Кушать is a synonym but it's usually used:
- when you politely invite somebody to eat;
- when you talk to a child or about a child.
In other cases adults don't use кушать very often and some people would call this word too vernacular (but you definitely will be understood).


I wrote "Этот мальчик ест" and it was wrong, is it because i left out the full stop, or do i have a mistake im not seeing?


how to you write in actual Russian characters


You need to install a Russian keyboard on your computer, or add one in input settings on your phone or tablet. Keyboards for a PC can be googled and installed with the accompanying instructions


I use multiling keyboard , its on playstore but most modern cellphones have the russian keyboard in their settings жщшйычюб


You navigate to windows settings - language settings. Here you would like to add a new "preferred language", and choose Russian. From here on you will have Russian keyboard as an alternative input in addition to English. If you will, you can change the Russian keyboard to "Russian - Mnemonic", which will make sure most of the letters are placed in a more familiar order.

:) good luck!


What is the feminine form of это?


Это means "this is" and этот means "this"....


isnt there present continious tense in russian?


Nope. The Russian sentence can mean both "This boy is eating." and "This boy eats."


Bit in some cases verbs are different. Он бегает - He runs. Он бежит - He is running.


Can I skio the writing tasks somehow? It keeps repeating and cannot continue the daily challenge. I dont have Russian keyboard and leson one starts without teaching the alphabet anyway,you need basic knowledgw to be able to read. So I would be fine without writing . Otherwise am enjoyable course, I love testing my knowledge


The first module is meant to get you familiarized with what each letter represents phonetically


I have android phone, added Russian keyboard in settings.


According to DL, "эст" is to eat but a Ukrainian friend of mine insists that it's есть (he's a little dumb sometimes so im not sure who to listen to). Any advice for me, guys?


Why not Мальчик ест? Why did it translate "this" in one sentence and not in the other? How was I supposed to guess ?!

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