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Russian и vs. м in cursive

How do you differentiate these two letters, because they both look like an english cursive u?

November 3, 2015



Not really


The letters Л and М have a small hook upwards at the beginning. Anyway, no one forces you to wuse cursive when writing by hand. You should just consider it because some of these shapes are faster than block letters. And if you are comfortable writing fast, you'll be able to write Russian whenever you want to write down something and have a pen and a piece of paper.


It looks to me the difference is when you start the И in lower case, you go to the middle of the letter and with the М as a lower case you start far out from the bottom, don't know what that works out when your writing fast?

Lastly could you type out line for line what you scanned, so I can make out the letters? Thank you.


Well, even if you are writing fast, you still start M's low. That's the shape of the letter. И starts from the top, so you start in there. As for т and ш, some people write a short line over (for Т) or below the letter (for Ш) but I cannot say it is hugely popular these days. You can also write T like its printed shape. I use this all the time.

The text is:

Лилии лишили птиц минимума пищи

Мама мыла пони мылом

Пони дёргалась и выла.


I didn't understand initially what you meant by "a small hook upwards at the beginning", after doing some research I see that now and that would definitely differentiate и and м and would so in fast writing. So thank you for that. Also what are the letters that have that little (what I call) miniature undotted i to start the letter. It looks like ж, л, м, and я would start with the mini i?


I would draw lines under the м and a line above the ш and щ.


Oh well. Whether you do it or not it's confusing either way.

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