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  5. "Where is Ukraine?"

"Where is Ukraine?"

Translation:Где Украина?

November 3, 2015

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typical American question


ha ha ha !! :) nice one there ;)


Is it ever Украине instead of Украина? Hovering over Ukraine shows both, but the answer only lists Украина.


Words have more than one form in Russian. Imagine a foreign learner asking "In the hint it says girl and girl's but She it is a little girl's is not accepted. Why?"

Each form has its own use. A huge number of popular country names are feminine nouns in Russian. Some end in -а, many end in -ия (Испания, Англия, Германия, Франция, Италия, Япония, Финляндия, Португалия, Греция...)

When you use them in the Locative form (to say where something IS), the ending is е (if it is like Украина) or -и (if the noun ends in -ия or it is a feminine noun ending in ь):

  • Я в Америке/Москве.
  • Я в России/Англии/Испании/Греции/Германии...


Про страну лучше писать "Где находится ....?" Иначе звучит так, как-будто она потерялась.


Previously, we learned (via the comments section on the one question) that both the phrases 'где ты' and 'ты где' are grammatically, but the former is preferred due to its phonetics. Is one allowed, through analogy, to say украина где? My answer was not accepted and I was wondering if this was an error.


This comments section is pretty cool!! I changed to my tablet and found it!! To bad is not available for iphones!! At least not for mine!!


Does Russian use capital Letters in nouns as German does? Because duolingo gives both spellings and both seem to be correct.


No -- but Ukraine gets a capital letter as it is a proper noun (i.e. a name of a specific entity as opposed to a more general, 'common' noun)

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