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  5. "Ceketim çok resmi."

"Ceketim çok resmi."

Translation:My jacket is very formal.

November 3, 2015



Are the words "resmi" (formal) and "ressam" (painter) etymology connected?

I tried to find out, ressam and resim (painting) are obviously connected.

Wiktionary claims resim originates from Arabic but doesn't link to the exact Arabic word:


Resmi also comes from Arabic and this time Wiktionary links to a specific Arabic word:


Originates from:


Relative adjective (nisba) composed of رَسْم ‎(rasm, “drawing, official document, ceremony, formality”) +‎ ـِيّ ‎(-iyy).

So it does look "resmi" and "ressam" are related, but I'm still a bit confused about it.

Also why is it "resmî" in the Wiktionary, why the little triangle over the "i"?


himm.. this is so hard to explain this to you and would be so confusing..

In Arabic, to make a singular person possessive formula, you just add (-iyy) in the end of the word like "my cup = finjan-iyy" In Turkce you say "fincan-im"

still, you can't distinguish between between 'compound nouns' and 'possessives' in arabic because they are formed the same way, in 'compound nouns you also use (-iyy).. like "a formal jacket = jacket rasm-iyy" (undefined) "My formal jacket = jacket-iyy EL* rasm-iyy" (possessive + compound n.) (defined)

In turkce you say "a formal jacket = resmi bir ceket" "My formal jacket = resmi ceket-im"

maybe you are asking how "a paint" is related to "formal"..

In a paint everything is beautiful and well organized, so whoever wears formal is well organized like a paint, so when you relate something (like a jacket) to the paint, it becomes "rasm-iyy"

*P.s; Arabic doesn't have "a/an" but it has "defining article" (the=EL) the triangle means the "iyy" is short, you dont say rasmiiiiiiii, you make it so short like "rasmi" with a very short i.


The circumflex, or triangle hat, over the i is optional in Turkish, therefore does not appear in the Turkish alphabet. It indicates a slight difference in pronunciation.


Why " my jacket is so formal" not accepted?


why "my coat" is not accepted?


It was just a missing alternative. it has been added. :)


Would 'My jacket is too formal' be the same or different?


It is the same, maybe it is just a missing alternative


Oh good, thank you!

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