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The Cyrilic Alphabet

I know that Russian used the Cyrilic alphabet. I started this course, thinking that the course would use the Cyrilic script. However, though I am only on Basics 1, I was disappointed to discover that this course does not use the Cyrilic alphabet. Can someone tell me it does, in fact, use the Cyrilic alphabet later in the course. Thank!

November 3, 2015



There's a thing [technical term!] to toggle between the proper script and the transliteration. In blue, to the left of the central box when you are in the lesson. However, the willingness to accept answers in Latin script if you are switched to reading Cyrillic does not seem to be at all consistent. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes you're automatically marked wrong.


You can switch to Cyrillic writing right away. It shoul've told you about this with a little window when you first started the course.


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