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"Sønnen din spiser alltid opp alle jordbærene våre."

Translation:Your son is always eating up all our strawberries.

November 3, 2015



In English, you do not have to say "eat up," just "eat" is fine. Is this not true in Norwegian too, or do you need the "opp" in the sentence to make sense/sound right?


I think the "opp" is there to emphasize that he eats every single strawberry until there are none left. You don't have to add it to the sentence, because it would also be correct without the opp. But if you think that "alle" is not enough emphasis, then add "opp".

And in that sentence the people who had strawberries want to sound as dramatic as possible, so they emphasize it more. ;)


Many thanks. Good explanation.


"Hey, those are our lemons, you're going to have to pay for those inside!" -The Lemon Thief, Award-Winning indie film.


Why not only "spiser"? Why spiser OPP? Does it mean "up"? Or?


Yes, "opp" is translated to "up". It belongs to the "spiser". "spiser opp" translates to "eat up". That means that he doesn't just eat some strawberries, but ALL of them until there are none left.


Since I am not so good at English: Why is "your son always eats up our strawberries" not acceptable? Takk


You forgot to translate 'alle'.


anyone can tell me why "alltid" is after "spiser" here ?


adverbs usually come after the verb in norwegian?


This is acceptable speech where I live. A little too picky

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