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Prepositions in Russian

Before I begin I want to say thanks for the Russian course! I can tell you guys worked a lot on it.

My question is regarding в or any other one letter prepositions (I'm nearly certain there are more, I just finished the Where? lesson). I can't hear them unless I listen to the slower speaker. Are they pretty much silent in conversation and is it's presence implied by the ending of the word? For instance россии sounds completely different than россия.

Thanks for your answers!

November 3, 2015


[deactivated user]

    В sounds like English V. России vs Россия -> Roh see vs Roh ss Ya. I don't like TTS programs. I prefer to hear some voices in TV or YouTube.


    Before unvoiced consonants it sounds like english "f". That's why "в парке" sounds like "фпарке". Maybe this is the reason why you can't hear it? But it is not completely silent.

    [deactivated user]

      Oh, I forgot about it. It is like a "flap t" (It's much easier to say f parke than v parke [В парке], but e.g. you have to say vas, not fas [Вас])


      Single-letter prepositions merge with the next word, they're not silent. The same as with English 's, French d', c', l', j'. n', m-, and t-, Dutch 'k and 's etc. They do not form a syllable on their own.

      I think the problem is also the TTS, it doesn't sound that clear.

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