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Failed to test out of Alphabet

I have been studying Russian independently for about 3 years in my spare time. I would not consider myself an expert by any means since it is a hobby, but I can hold small conversations with my native wife. I know Cyrillic, and I know it very well otherwise I would not have been able to study on my own. I can read and pronounce Cyrillic fine, but I failed to test out of the alphabet section, mostly due to errors in spelling (missing ь or mis-use of и and ы on adjectives) or word order during the initial test even though I only used my Cyrillic keyboard during the test. Is there a bug in the initial test?

November 3, 2015



It just got released into beta. This is still a testing phase. If there are any errors or issues, now is the most important time to report these.


Right, I'm new to Duo as I've only been interested in enhancing my Russian. I thought maybe the discussions were the place to post potential bugs for the Beta. Is there a better way?


Every time you notice something wrong, like for example a typo, a grammar error, your correct answer not being accepted, garbled or mispronounced audio etc., you should press the "Report" button to send a report to the moderators. Of course, do in only when you're sure or almost sure you're right and the course was wrong.

For example, if you stumble upon an English sentence "What is you name?", you should click "Report" and select "The English sentence is unnatural or has an error."


If it's specific to one of the exercises, after you input the answer, click on "Report a Problem."


There are still errors in the course, it's in beta, they're being ironed out. Adding more accepted word orders is going to happen soon – but have in mind that the technically correct, but very awkward ones will not be added.

As for the "missing ь or mis-use of и and ы on adjectives" bit, Duolingo should usually treat a single such mistake as a typo, unless you create an actual, different word by it, or make more than one such mistake in a word.

Testing out, apart of obvious missing translations and typos, works fine. I managed to take the initial test to test out of 23 skills without problems.

You can reset your progress in preferences and you'll be able to take the initial test again, if you wish.


Keep in mind that duo's rules for determining whether spelling errors are minor, and can be accepted with a warning, or major, and cause the answer to be rejected, are the same for all courses. They aren't under the control of the incubator teams.


> but I failed to test out of the alphabet section, mostly due to errors in spelling (missing ь or mis-use of и and ы on adjectives) or word order during the initial test . . .

Were these your errors or errors in the supposedly correct answers. If the latter, report the problems, as people have already suggested. That's why this is a beta test, not a full-blown launch. If the former, now you can see one of the ways Duolingo courses are so useful.

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