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  5. "Dima, this is a house."

"Dima, this is a house."

Translation:Дима, это дом.

November 3, 2015



It would be great to have a Cyrillic keyboard with this course.


I use SwiftKey on my android duolingo app.


It's so easy to just swipe the space bar and have a whole new keyboard available! I love it!


Not everyone uses the mobile version, though...


Use DuoKeyboard, it is availabe for chrome firefox and opera


With windows default language software I can switch between my English (Dvorak, international) keyboard and the Cyrillic keyboard by simply hitting Left Alt+Shift to toggle between the two


With the Wndows Russian Mnemonic Keyboard, there are several two-key combinations needed to produce some of the Cyrillic characters. Here's the corresponding Russian-English keys: Русский English
Алфавит Keyboard
Identical letters:
а А = a A
е Е = e E
к К = k K
м М = m M
о О = o O
т Т = t T
Russian equivalents
б Б = b B
д Д = d D
ф Ф = f F
г Г = g G
л Л = l L
и И = i I
н Н = n N
п П = p P
р Р = r R
с С = s S
у У = u U
в В = v V
з З = z Z
Other Russian Letters
ц Ц = c C + Space-bar
х Х = h H
й Й = j J + Space-bar
ш Ш = w W
ж Ж = x X
я Я = q Q or ja JA
щ Щ = sc SC
ч Ч = ch CH
ё Ё = jo JO or yo YO
э Э = je JE or ye YE
ю Ю = ju JU or yu YU
Russian pronunciation ”letters”
ы Ы = y Y + Space-bar
ь Ь = ’ ”
ъ Ъ = ` ~


I know I have that too! Androids are so cool because they have that☺


how cam i install.it? android hawei ascend 7


If your setting are the same as mine... its settings, general manager, language, keyboard setting, add language


Even though it may be a little time consuming, I think the best way to go is to simply learn to type the Cyrillic alphabet on your current keyboard. You don't need to be very fast, I can type around 15-20 words per minute. The advantage is that you can easily change the keyboard layout as you study (windows key+space) and in time you are going to get faster. I used keybr.com to learn. It was quite fun! :)


I don't know what Windows are you running, but in Windows 7 the shortcut is "Left Alt" + "Shift". "Win" + "space" shows desktop instead.


Go to your input settings and add Russian and set the shortcut key.


Doesn't work on windows 10


I understand why people are asking for help here: it's nice to interact with people. But there are so many different devices and operating systems out there that the answer is "it depends". Your best bet is to do a search on the internet for how to type in a different language on your particular device.


My computer has two options for Russian layout: one I suppose is standard; the other is a phonetic version of the querty keyboard, as cyrillic. It's super intuitive and fast.


After switching the languages in the settings, i write the letters onto tiny squares of paper and stick them to my keyboard with blutack. I don't know if anyone else does this.


I tried that, but it made my phone too hard to use.


I mean on a computer


That... is actually a pretty good idea. Beats my method of finding a site with the right alphabet then individually copying and pasting every letter.


I cannot do that on a smartphone


Actually you can. Go to keyboard settings>input language type and select any languages you want to toggle between on your keyboard. No need to download an app.


i tried but it seams it only takes one language despite multilingual gboard name and fear if select russian all my phone will be im.russian and wont undersrand anything


It works perfectly with Android.. I have 5 different keyboards now and there's spellcheck for every language too! Just toggling by the spacebar .. Russian, Hebrew, Dutch and English f/i. Including Hebrew writing R to L.


Download different keyboards that have the language. There are a few apps like that.


If you are in Android you can try third-party keyboard apps like I do with MultiLing keyboard. There are plenty of alternatives.


In Android on Samsung you can choose multiple keyboards with spellchecker simultaneously, toggle between the languages by swiping the spacebar. Then no need for other apps .. Has nothing to do with the Duo app.


You can download a keyboard in the app store


Which ohone do you have? Maybe we can help. ☺


I recommend using Hacker's Keyboard. It is very customizable, and allows you to choose a bunch of keyboard distributions in the settings off a checklist, and then you just switch between them by sliding the space bar.


Type in "Russian keyboard" on the app/Google play store


Try going to the settings page


If you own an android phone, you can download the Duolingo app and change your keyboard input languages to English and Russian.


On an android phone? how?


There are many apps you can download for extra keyboards. I use Hacker's Keyboard because it is similar to a full keyboard. You swipe the spacebar to change keyboards. Look at the other replies in this topic for other app suggestions.


To: eretamozov you go to the settings page and go to keyboard and they should have a language list


In the Android settings as explained above.


lmao i actually cut out paper pieces with the russian alphabet on it and stuck it on my pc keyboard..


I salute your resourcefulness!


Babel supplies an onscreen keyboard and spends a lot more time teaching the Cyrilic charcters. It may be a better way to get started with Russian.


Definitely agreed. I can go to another website to do that, but it would be so much better to have it all on the same page, especially considering that this exercise is asking us to give an answer in Russian. I guess I know now that it will accept both Cyrillic and English letters for an answer.


guys you can put the keyboard on screen at control panel / accessibility / accessibility centr an activate the "keyboard on screen" . then you can type with the mouse (hope it helps) (((you must config the input language of your pc (doulingo gives you the link to that) so it reflect the cyrilic keyboard on screen )))


Great tip! By the way, for Windows 10, just click on the Windows button and go to 'All Apps' > 'Windows Ease of Access' > .'On Screen Keyboard'. Also, once you have your keyboard on screen, you can quickly and easily switch between Russian and English (and any other language you have downloaded via Windows) by hitting the Windows key, then the spacebar. Until you memorize the Cyrillic keyboard, this is an easy alternative that will help make learning fun.


Totally, Doulingo take note


If you're on Windows 10, you can got to settings, time and language, region and language, add language, Russian.

This will make your keyboard a Russian keyboard and if you haven't memorized the layout of a Russian keyboard, you can use Window's on-screen keyboard by clicking Start, All apps, scroll down and click Windows Ease of Access, On-screen keyboard. It's a nice setup especially if you have a touchscreen device. :)


on Windows, go to settings - languages - add language (Russian/ Русский) . on the left of the task bar where it says 'ENG' (for English) next to date and time, right click and select "show touch keyboard button". On said keyboard there is an option to switch between the languages. At least that's how I THINK I set up my on screen keyboard.... I've been learning French for a long time now, so I don't exactly remember how I GOT the onscreen keyboard, however the settings-instructions for permitting different languages ONCE you have it is 100%, I just did it for Russian myself haha


I have another tab opened to https://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/russian.htm and I just copy and paste my answer.


Easiest way for me on my old windows 7 desktop. Thanks, Vorkia!


You guys can you go keyboard to get Russian font.


yes that would be easiest


On windows 10 it's easy to have other keyboards they show in the tray.. I often just tap on the mostly ENG, and go to DEU, or PYC (Russian)--the German is very similar to our English keyboard, but the Russian one takes some getting used to.


Download it from the keyboard option if you have windows, when you download it, put it as a second language and you just have to use shift and alt to change it.


If you are doing this on your phone you can download a ctrillic kryboard, If you are doing this on a computer, there are stickers that you can get for your keyboard (amazon) and then download the keyboard


possible to use on the phone.


go to settings and change the keyboards


Why doesn't Dima know what a house is?


I just learned Dima could be Dmitry


Dima is a diminutive of Dmitry


I'm confused. what is the difference between eto and eta?


éto is masculine, éta is feminine. For copular statements like "this is X" you use the masculine as default.


shouldn't этот be used for masculine? It seems from here that этот is masculine and это is neuter. Thanks! http://www.russianforeveryone.com/Rufe/Lessons/Course1/Grammar/GramUnit6/GramUnit6_3.htm


At the page, look at the third rule. It explains the use of это.


thank you! After re-reading it, I understand this better now.


Not quite - это is neuter.


No,no....éto is of neuter gender basically. Étot is masculine,éta - feminine. Этот,эта,это . Then, éto serves as pointing word...Some examples...Éto on - it's him, éto ona - it's her, Это они - These/those are they. Это их вещи - These things are theirs. Это их дело - It's their business ; It's of their care .


Is Dima an idiot or something?


Dima was a child raised by wolves in the wilds of Siberia. When he was found as an adult, he needed to be re-integrated into society. After meeting his long lost siblings, Anna, Tom, and Tim (who work as medics and actors) he needed to learn what is a house, motor, radio, etc


All without Duolingo ;)


I forgot the accent. Does that make it wrong?


Would doma be incorrect versus dom? I always hear "doma" used as the word for home with native speakers, not dom.


"дома" means "at home"

"дом" means "home" (or "house")


to add: до́ма means "at home"/gen. "home" and "дома́" means "houses"/acc. "houses".


I also found this confusing, thanks for beating me to asking!


cracking up imagining Dima, a grown woman, being told what a house is for the first time in her life


In Russia Dima is a male name. It's a familar form of Dmitry.


I wonder what Dima keeps doing that earns him getting told that this is a house


If I wanted to write "Dima, this is the house" would I write "дима, этот дом"?


No that would be "Dima, this house." Russian does not use articles so you would have to use context to determine if a particular house was being referred to. If you wanted to be absolutely clear that you are referring to a particular house, maybe one you were talking about earlier, you could say "this is that house" (это тот дом).


Not at all. It just makes no sense. If you want to mention some things,you may say apple,tree,Dima,this house,dustbin,fist,wrist... But if you try to built a sentence,there are some rules. Дима,это дом means George,this is a house. This house is этоТ дом. Это is indifferent- this is a house, этоТ points to something - this is that House I told you before. Это именно тот грёбаный дом,о котором я говорил. This ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ house - этот **** дом. THE. Got the point ?


Needed a keyboard in Cirillic for a mobile phone. Other way I could not answer


Dima doesn't sound the brightest fellow.


I thought the same thing ×-×


I typed this and got it wrong, and do not know why: Дима, зто дом ??


Never mind; I typed зто (starts with a consonant) instead of это (starts with a vowel that looks similar)


Becouse з - it's other Russian letter. you need э з - conconant (zh) э - vovel


"З" is actually kind of like "z", and "ж" is kind of like "zh". "Э", however, is kind of like "eh".


can Dima, eto dom. be accepted, I can't type the e with dot above it.


I use a virtual keyboard, it may help http://winrus.com/keyboard.htm


Перфецт ... oops, Perfect... that works with my Linux keyboard, too. Thanks!


I have tried the same thing 3 times and it will not accept it and it will not let me continue.


I've copied an e with an accent and am just pasting it into the sentence when needed. Here's an e with an accent: é


Thanks. That worked. The Russian language needs to put the special letters below the text box like the German one does.


Just skip the accents. They're only used in learning materials to show where the stress is (like writing umBRElla, or rather umbrélla, in English). In normal texts, they're never used

(Exceptions: й is always written like this to distinguish it from и; and ё is frequently written as e, but appears as ё too)


what is the letter in keyboard that represents э in russian?


On my android cyrilic key board, I hold the "e" and the option of ё comes up. I can continue holding and then sliding my finger across to highlight other options. Release my finger and it will typed.


We don't have e with dot. There is/are ё (two dots) and э. First one sounds more or less like i in girl and ea in pearl. The latter one you can hear in Mad or Another (In the A letter in both cases)


I'm on Android. How do I get a Russian keyboard?


Settings-> Languages & Inputs -> Android Keyboard (Tap settings icon to the right) -> Input Languages

Select Russian - Русский


With this you'll have the language selected on the spacebar, hold and slide to switch


This does not work for me. There is no "android keyboard" option. How I wish they could put in a cyrillic keyboard on duolingo to remove all this fuss!


Depending on the phone and version of Android it could be slightly different. As well as changing from English to Russian. Sometimes you slide the spacebar, sometimes you hold it...not always the same.

You FIRST must download the Russian keyboard for this to work. Each phone and version of Android could be different. But basically go to SETTINGS, SYSTEM, LANGUAGE/INPUT, KEYBOARDS/INPUT. Somewhere around there it should have where you choose your default keyboard and then choose your keyboard language.


Neither works (sliding nor holding). What is the reason why there is no Cyrillic keyboard on Duolingo? We have accented keyboards in all the other courses. I don't understand why we can't have a Cyrillic keyboard. It baffles me.


This is way harder to learn than French. The letters here are so confusing!! Haha


If English is your first language, of course French is going to be a lot easier to learn- you're using the same scripts and so many english words are taken from the french language. Learning Russian is mind-bending in comparison :D


Yeah,mate,you are right,the one and only problem is the alphabet. Should I have known Arabic/Thai, I would have known them already


In case you were being sarcastic, Jenny was complaining about how confusing the letters were, not the whole language


Why is there no Russian characters available as in learning Spanish? It would be easier than switching keyboard always. Greetings from Serbia!


Это an awesome app


Hi, my russia friends and dear course developer, I think before this language course, you guys should teach us how to use russian keyboard(the link which given under the sentence is only how to create the language on win X, but I'm using windows 7). It's a little different with tradition one. Thanks. : D


And I don't know the russian letter clearly, could you guys give some advice about how to remember them or a english-russian letter list?


For Windows 7: Go to the Control Panel, find Region and Language, click on Keyboards and Languages, then Change Keyboards. You should get a popup where you can add more keyboards. Also, under the Tips and Notes for the first lesson you can find a chart detailing the sounds made by the Russian letters.


When do you use domom?


Я за домом. I am behind the house.


Фантастическая фраза. Так скажут, только если дом живой


Is Только = talking? At this level I can't read this Russian.


Is "э" the same as "е"?


No, it's different letters "е" It's like in yes "э" likes met But in many Russia word sound "e" is mild and sond "э" is harder


I wouldn't call it harder. Э is not so difficult as it seems, don't be afraid)) You can hear it in Man,Bad,Bat, just don't mess them with men,bed...Do you read me?


You can add the Cyrillic alphabet on an iPad


How on earth is 'Dima это дом' marked incorrect...????


Use only one alphabet per sentence. It probably needs the comma, too.


why is it это instead of этот?


Wow, I typed that totally wrong but the program accepted it with just a "you have typos" warning. Duolingo might be a little too lenient.


If you're on Windows 10, you can got to settings, time and language, region and language, add language, Russian.

This will make your keyboard a Russian keyboard and if you haven't memorized the layout of a Russian keyboard, you can use Window's on-screen keyboard by clicking Start, All apps, scroll down and click Windows Ease of Access, On-screen keyboard. It's a nice setup, especially if you have a touchscreen device. :)


On Windows 10,pc, added russian keyboard in settings and the keys are completely random, like the eh (з) letter is where the p is, the d (д) letter is on the L key, etc. This is very annoying and hard to work with. Any advice?


In other words, you're complaining about the standard Russian keyboard layout. Why should it follow English? My advice is get used to it. I can type in English, French (français), Sinhala (සිංහල), Hebrew (עבר'ת) and Russian (русский) and each one is different in term of what sounds correspond to which keys. You can get a printout of the Russian keyboard or you can do what another user has done and stick paper labels on top of your keys.


Windows 10 Russian Mnemonic Keyboard

Unfortunately, I don't know how to load an image of a keyboard with the Russian-English equivalents set out here, so this is the best guide I have been able to come up with.

I suggest that English speakers use the Russian Mnemonic keyboard. Identical letters such as a, e, m, and o occupy the same keys in both languages. Russian equivalent letters with characters which differ from their Engish counterparts in form but not function occupy the English letter equivalent to the Russian character: the Russian “i” = “и” is entered in Russian text by pressing the “i” key on your keyboard. Similary, the Russian “r” = “р” is entered by pressing the “r” on the keyboard.

Some Russian letters have no direct English equivalent, and must simply be learned. Pressing English “x”, for example, produces Russian “ж” and English “w” produces Russian “ш”.

In order to enable the Russian Mnemonic keyboard, first you will have to load the Russian language module in Control Panel/Languages/add a language. When the Module is loaded, return to Control Panel/Languages/ Русский and click on options. Inside options, click on add an input device. From the list of keyboards that appears, select Russian – Mnemonic, then click on “add”. When you are returned to the list of languages, click on “save”, then exit Control Panel.

You can switch among keyboards by pressing the Windows button and SpaceBar. You also find a keyboard-selection button on the taskbar (which may need to be modified to display this button.)

Incidentally, this text is being written using the Windows + SpaceBar to move easily back and forth between keyboards.

In using the Mnemonic keyboard, some Russian letters and pronunciation marks do not appear immediately when the key is pressed, but require the pressing of an additional key or the spacebar in order to appear. You will have to do some trial-and-error to figure this out.

Some Russian characters require the pressing of two keys in quick succession, such as “ju” or "yu" to get “ю”.

In using the following chart, you switch to the Windows 10 Russian Mnemonic keyboard using the Win + Space-bar combination or selecting the Russian Keyboard from the task-bar. You press the key(s) listed under the English Keyboard header to get the Russian letter under the Русский Алфабит

Русский English
Алфавит Keyboard
Identical letters:
а А = a A
е Е = e E
к К = k K
м М = m M
о О = o O
т Т = t T

Russian equivalents
б Б = b B
д Д = d D
ф Ф = f F
г Г = g G
л Л = l L
и И = i I
н Н = n N
п П = p P
р Р = r R
с С = s S
у У = u U
в В = v V
з З = z Z

Other Russian Letters ц Ц = c C + Space-bar х Х = h H
й Й = j J + Space-bar
ш Ш = w W
ж Ж = x X

я Я = q Q or ja JA

щ Щ = sc SC
ч Ч = ch CH
ё Ё = jo JO or yo YO
э Э = je JE or ye YE
ю Ю = ju JU or yu YU

Russian pronunciation ”letters”
ы Ы = y Y + Space-bar
ь Ь = ’ ”
ъ Ъ = ` ~


Dima this is a HOUSE not a CIRCUS! Get your borscht out of the fishbowl!


Is дома a word or am I just adding an extra letter for no reason?


I suggest to show a Russian virtual Keyboard next to the text so we can click on it. Otherwise no way.




I keep getting a comment that I have a typo in my answer, but what I typed is identical to the answer the app shows. It doesn't like the word "зто".


It was a beginners mistake - I mistook з for э.


Cyrillic keyboard? So bad not to have this. No virtual keyboard makes the course pointless.


I need to learn first the aphabet


What's the difference between это and эта? I can't figure out where each is supposed to be used


When used as a pronoun, это is not declined (это книга - this is a book). When used as a demonstrative, it is (эта книга - this book). For feminine nouns, it's эта. For masculine and neuter nouns, it's это. I recommend a Russian textbook. Duolingo does not teach grammar.


I erred in my haste - этот is the masculine demonstrative pronoun. Это is only used with neuter nouns in this way. Do not confuse the two это's!


I know also 1 language from this app.. Ty✨✨✨❤️


Lol for all these lessons I have been using a type of russian so it doesnt have all the characters (I've been switching tabs all crazy for a russian one) :(


I dont have a russian keyboard I cant do this!


Was about hit enter on "House, this is Dima"


No russian keyboard


I can't type in Russian on this phone


Дима, вот это Дом .doesnt work


I think that would translate to "Dima, here is this is a/the House."


i cant type the ruusian letters!!!!!


i am not rushin there fore i dont have a rushin cumputer


I don't have a cyrillic keyboard and can't seem to get past this...


Search the Russian forum. There's lots of advice there.


هذا البرنامج راائع This program is fantastic


I have an English keyboard, how am I supposed to write Cyrillic???


im useing a computer


Dima has never been in a house before


how am i supposed to type this if my keyboard is in english and it wont let me copy and paste?


cause i dont wanna use any apps, this is so dumb.


how do you type in Russian???


I typed exactly what the answer was, but it said it was wrong. I checked & double, triple checked, and my answer was correct, but it was marked wrong.

I use the AnysoftKeybord app, and it works great. You can toggle between several language keyboards very easily.


Are you sure that you typed это and not зто? The two letters look a lot alike.


i can't use keyword in russian


Have no russian Keyboard, therefore not able to continue


No tutorial of how to type in russian


do genders have different pronunciation for the same word? I noticed with это that the female voice pronounced it like 'etan' whereas the male voice pronounced it as 'eteh'. Not sure whether it's because of the sentence context or what


Russian men and women pronounce the language in the same way, but people from different parts of Russia do have different accents; it's a big country. That's mostly what you're hearing here, although words pronounced one at a time will sound different than words spoken in sentences. To me, the man does not sound like a standard Russian speaker; the woman does.




I am thinking about learn Russian, but I think it's a really hard language


It's hard to learn if you don't speak a declined language, but it will open up a new world for you. Such languages are easier to write and are very nuanced and expressive. I recommend it.


How do I add punctuality to my sentences with a cyrillic keyboard? "," "." "?"


I use stickers on top of all of my keys and Alt+shift to rapidly switch between ENG/РУС, using Win10 but it works on XP/7/8/10. I used to use a popup software keyboard that I docked to my taskbar, until I got the stickers that is. Now it's a breeze. And they were extremely cheap. Just tedious to apply.


it would be nice if you had an on screen keyboard for this.


i'm using a computer in english, so i can't type this sentence.


On Samsung phones, you can download the Russian Samsung Keyboard


This is impossible, as i dont have a russian keyboard


How do I type Russian characters on an Android phone? (Samsung Note 4)


Its so annoying because I type Dima and autocorrect changes it to Dina and then it marks it as almost there!!! SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!


Tem que mudar a lingua do celular para russo ?


One does not know misery until trying to find Cyrillic letters on their keyboard


I put an a after это and before дом. Why is this wrong?


why can't i use вот instead of это?


In this case it would mean Dima, here is a house/the house. Это дом translates as This is a house.


Дима, это дом is the right answer. You mist use a Cyrillic keyboard


Theres no difference between this is and this is a?!


How do you write Dmitry in Cyrillic? I thought it would be дымытры but that wasn't right


In Cyrillic Dmitry is "Дмитрий". Dima is "Дима".


My phone doesnt have a Russian keyboard option.


Doesn't Дом mean home, rather than house?


It would be better if they could have the written in the English way, for those who just new for the Russian Alphabet.


The more you learn Russian in Latin letters, the harder it will be to change to Cyrillic letters later on. I agree that the learning curve is greater, but I also believe that it's worth it in the end.


What is the difference between "дома" and "дом"?


Why это is pronounced like "ETA"?...


it 's very easy to anderstand .Normaly " eto is writen with an accent on the "E" and o is pronouced as "a " after the accent . éto is eta .but o before the accent is pronouced as o .the rule is O before the accent is o and o after the accent is a .


My mind is blown with this Russian alphabet and all. Omg...


And what's even more amazing is that to other people their writing system seems normal and everyone else's seems strange!

  • French: déjà vu, Ça va ? (accents and other modifiers)
  • Hebrew: שָׁלוֹם
  • Sinhala: කොහොමද


How can you possibly write using those weird English letters?!?


How the frick are you supposed to read Sinhala. Just imagine how much time you would have to spend just writing a sentence. ×_×


Haha, I am a native Sinhala speaker and සිංහල භාෂාව ඇත්තටම ලස්සනයි ! (Sinhala is truly beautiful!)Actually there are 60 letters in the alphabet ( excluding the letters with "pillam"- the letters each vowel sound) but it is really interesting! Hope duolingo will add it soon! :)


All i had to do was go to settings to get a different keyboard, verry cool!


Why is it not " эта дом"?


Whats the difference between a д sound and a T sound?


Is there a separate word for "home"? "Дом" is always translated as "house", but is there a specific word that's more personal and intimate, the way that "home" is in English? Some of these sentences feel awkward with just "house".


Who doesnt know what a house is?


Wouldnt it be Дима, это дома or would it be дом because dima is a masculine name?


Only word I couldn't remember was dima ... Getting better ad time goes by.


I'm using the PC on my dolingo app, not android.


You can install additional keyboards on your PC and use a shortcut key to switch between them. Do a search for how to install it. The exact method will depend on what sort of operating system you have (Windows, Linux, MacOS), how old/new it is, etc.


a cyrillic keyboard in PC, I use this web page http://russian.typeit.org/


Se puede poner el teclado ruso en android desde la configuración en el teclado de google.

It is possible to put russian key board from configuration in google key board.


onlinekeyboard.org is a good site to use for typing


I am so glad that this is not a voice practice, because I can never hear an obvious enough difference between 'Дом' and 'Том'


I cant get the option for a russian keyboard pls halp


Still need help, or do you have it now?


How do I put a comma in the Russian Keyboard?


It's where the question mark is: [Shift] + [/].


How would the expression "Dima is a house" differ from this? Just curious.


How can one know for certain you are not saying Dima is a house? -- is it strictly because you better not forget that comma?


I typed, дима, зто дом and it said зто was misspelled. Im using the македонски keyboard on Android. I don't see how it's incorrect.


Try using the Russian (русский) keyboard instead of the Macedonian (македонски) keyboard.


If you truely cant type it. Copy and paste it from the translation boxes.


I typed это and it said I was wrong then posted the correct spelling as это??


Dima doesn't know what a house is?


It's ncessary to have the Cyrillic Alphaben to PC


Like Rue said, no need for an app.

Keyboard Settings> Input Language Type> select the langauge or languages you want.

Now you can use your spacebar to toggle between languages just by swiping the space bar! I have Spanish (my 2nd language) Hebrew, and Russian.

I use the keyboard and have a piece of paper by me to write down the words and try to say them aloud. (Free version has atrocious female computer voice) so that's hard to do. But writing down the words as I go along with my lessons has helped me tremendously.


And this is how Dima found a home.... :V


excuse me but you ask me to write in Russian but there is no ciryllic alphabet . So I cannot write in russian .How can i follow your course ?


Easy. If you're on a tablet or computer, just change the keyboard settings to Russian. For phones... you might need to google that.

...And, uh.... possibly google how to change the settings, if you don't know how. I'm pretty much useless with this, considering the only reason I started learning this was because my device's language was switched. Easier to learn it and curse a lot.


excuse me if there is no cirillic letters below the exercise it's no use doing this course .I don't anderstand why you don't put it yourself like for the others languages ex polish .


I use phone. How do I change to Russian letters?


I have no idea how to get my keyboard to write all the above!


i cant write that one my chormebook i dont know how to


Why is the article это (neuter) used before дом (masculine)? Why isn't этот (masculine) being used instead? It would be great if someone more knowledgeable in Russian grammar could tell me:)


You can dowload Kika Keyboard and choose many languages and swap easily.


Got the Cyrillic keyboard now just to find where all the letters are


Nao tenho o algabeto Cyrillic


Se você usa Windows, o próprio duolingo ensina como baixar o teclado cirílico.


what is the letter in keyboard that represents э in russian?


In my keyboard is "~", but my keyboard is in portuguese.


"э" is on the apostrophe key: '


I found it later. Here is ''~'' as wel. Thanks guys ;D


Spanish and French-Level 1 That is a dog. I want cake. The man is yelling. Russian-Level 1 This is mom. This is Tom. Tim, this is Tom. Dima, this is Tim. So far I've learned how to say "This is" and "Tom"


This is a house if you didn't now Dimitri


Why doesn't Dima know what a house is


This is going to be complicate, but I'll go try

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