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  5. "Here is my sweater."

"Here is my sweater."

Translation:Вот мой свитер.

November 3, 2015



Can somebody please explain when to use, "Мой," and when to use, "Моя?"

Thanks <3


«мой» with masculine nouns, «моя» with feminine ones.


Жзж щ офф ез жззд еофе зьу шх зь екфтыжфеу!

Edit: I forgot I had my Russian keyboard turned on xP

It is supposed to say "I had to look that up on google translate"


"вот свитер мой" is not correct? is it weird to emphasize that the sweater is MINE like that?


"Свитер мой" is similar to "sweater mine". Not that it can't be said like that but it's too poetic for a simple sweater.


In poetry maybe. An adjective normally precedes the noun it modifies. The opposite is mainly used in songs, prayers and other poetry:

Не знает эта девочка,

Что у меня в руке

Её богатство медное

В тяжелом кошельке.

Participles can be used before or after the noun:

  • монитор, собранный в Китае = a display assembled in China
  • собранный в Китае монитор = a display assembled in China

Participles are mainly used in writing, though.


A Russian friend of mine explained to me a rule, I've onserved it doesn't applies 100% of the times but has been helpful so far for cases when I don't know/remember the gender... If the word ends in "a" you usually use 'моя' (moya). If the word ends in "o" (sometimes also ended with "e") you usually use 'моё' (moyo). For the rest of the cases, if you don't know the gender, it's probable that it is masculine and you might use 'мой'.


Some things worth pointing out: - Words ending in я are also feminine, though this shouldn't come as a surprise since я is similar to а. - Masculine nouns typically end in consonants or й. (Not sure if I am forgetting other possible endings.) This is almost the same as what you already said. - Words ending in a soft sign can be either masculine or feminine. For example: мой(my) русский(Russian) словарь(dictionary) моя(my) русская(Russian) лошадь(horse)


Oh, thanks man


Hmm, why is здесь мой светер incorrect? I tried to figure it out and it seems здесь means "here" so I'm not sure what the difference between that and BOT would be?



Вот is used in "here is"-type sentences. Здесь literally means "here" (this place), там means "there" (that place).

A sweater (jumper, pullover) is «сви́тер» in Russian.


So,can I say(using Здесь): my sweater is here- мой свитер здесь? Can't здесь be used at the beginning of the sentence?




Why not "здесь мой свитер"?


And what for: Это мой свитер? I understand there is a slight difference, but dependantly of the context, couldn't that be correct?


That moreso indicates your ownership of the sweater, like "This sweater is mine"/"This is MY sweater". "Вот мои свитр" is more like "HERE is my sweater" which has a much broader context...


I can not do the accents o my computer what do I do??


I cant type the russian langue so it says everything incorrect but i want to learn the russian langue not the latin version what should/can i do?


You can download a Russian keyboard for your phone or computer.


Any suggestions on one that works well and won't attempt to replace my English input which I will still use 95% of the time?


I was given here is my sweatshirt for my sentence I put вот мои свитер can someone please explain why this is wrong?


Your backwards N needs a hat ??


I've got the Russian keyboard, but I can't figure out how to give the и a hat, whether using the phonetic keyboard or the ordinary one. Any ideas, gregpeeler?


Q for Й on the normal keyboard in english it's the same as the letter q and the ё is the key by the letter one 1


Silver-Stream is correct. I mostly use russian on my phone because it is easier to change keyboards in the middle of typing. I was disappointed to learn that I at least cannot figure out how to make my mac have two different language keyboards at the same time, easy in linux, but due to that makes russian a phone language for me. maybe one of those overlays and a hotkey to change input language could be workable. good luck


вот мои свитер


when is mon used vs mor?


This should be left until the final not in the inicials plz change it


It wont let me write sweater in Russian


can someone please explain to me what duolingo wants from this because i tried doing it in english and i tried the dictionary and everything is wrong.???


Hi, could someone please explain me when to use вот and when здесь? I am very confused by that...спасибо


Вот vs вет anyone?


How do I type in Russian letters with an English keyboard


You need to install a russian keybaord for your operatng system. I am on ios I found it easier to use on mobile than on website. Good luck


It's really hard for me to remember how to write something in Russian, I can only speak and translate russian to English and Polish


Can anyone explain the difference between мой and мои?


"Мой" with masculine singular nouns - мой sweater. "Мои" with plural nouns - мои sweaters.

Examples: My boy - мой мальчик, my boys - мои мальчики. My banana - мой банан, my bananas - мои бананы. My flower - мой цветок, my flowers - мои цветы.


I understand what the computer is saying, it is not clear from the sentance that a sweater is being presented, rather that simply being identified.


I type CBNTep on my English keyboard and it is not recognised. any comments.


I cannot get passed Tbl and CBNTep because these are not recognised, any ideas


Use phonetic transliteration. И almost always stands for "ee" in "meet", transliterated as i. С is like "s" is "see" or "mass", so use s.

свитер should be sviter

However, be aware that the feature is not officially supported anymore. For one, -ий combination does not accept any transliterations I tried. Try a Cyrillic layout, especially if you are using a phone or a tablet.


Thanks, have had further advice and have downloaded a Russsian keyboard.


A tip: you are not limited to ЙЦУКЕН or mnemonic phonetic layout. Windows has a tool by Microsoft that lets you create your own Cyrillic layout as you please. If you feel like any of the standard ones are for you, change it :)


Thank you. I now have the Russian keyboard on my PC after additional advice




My keyboard cant turn Russian


help im on my computer i dont have a russian keyboard


Can "here is my sweater" also be translated as "Здесь мой свитер" instead of "Bot мой свитер


What does "you have a typo in your answer" mean, knowing that I wrote свитйр and not "свитер" but it is correct ?


It means that you answer was accepted but it is not 100% one of the correct answers (e.g. "I buoght banannas and peacges")

Свитйр is not a real word, and it is one character apart from the correct свитер, so Duolingo counted it as a typo.


I can't figure out how to make the backward N on my computer.


It depends on your OS. If it is Windows, try Control Panel (Settings)→ Time and Language or Clock,Language and Region or something. It has your language settings where you can add or remove additional languages and their input methods.

Windows 10 even has a largely phonetic "Mnemonic" layout, so you do not have to memorise most letter positions.


Why use eto but BOT ? Need set up ready use Russian keyboard in Duolingo easier than hassle search keyboards to change languages. Annoying cuz waste back /forth made me slow etv copy paste tht suxs no fun..


How would i write the last word on an english only keyboard


sviter ? You should consider using a Cyrillic layout or at least a browser plugin. Transliteration has been discontinued for a few years; so words will not work, and they are coming way before the middle if the course.

There are plugins that switch the language or convert the letters for you.


No Russian keyboard displayed.


Why do I not have a Russian keyboard displayed when I need one?


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