"The dog goes towards the cat."

Translation:Il cane va verso il gatto.

January 7, 2013

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Anyone know when it is best to use "verso di" instead of just "verso" for towards?


You have to use "verso di" when "towards" foregoes a pronoun, like "towards you"="verso di te"; "towards them"="verso di loro". When "towards" comes before an article you have to use only "verso", like "towards the bed"="verso il letto". This phrase could be translated "il cane va incontro al gatto" too.


You're supposed to precede personal pronouns with "di" in many prepositional phrases, like with verso, su, sopra, sotto, contro, and more. (Source: Maiden, Martin and Cecilia Robustelli. A Reference Grammar of Modern Italian. London: Routledge, 2013. 171. Print.)


A whole lot of new words suddenly injected during this whole Preposition Level 1.

Anybody got any tricks to remember all this stuff? I can barely remember the whole slew of words let alone all the conjugations and grammatical Arrangements!!


Depends on the device you're using but I keep notes of all new words on Google Notes as they occur. Also before moving forward, if the usage of a word isn't clear from the DL exercise, look it up on, say, Wiktionary. Or play with it using Google Translate. Obviously all this slows you down the first time round but next time . . .


or go to dedicated sites like thoughtco, fluentu, and others. google translate is good to get a foot in but can fall out from under you without warning. don't trust it for answers here on duo.


The easiest way I found to remember them all is to Google "articulated prepositions Italian," go to the image results, and save/study the table. Reading through each column gives you a much clearer idea of the pattern they follow than just learning one word at a time does.


I really wish they would teach the word then add it to the lesson. Why test what you have not taught!


In another discussion it was explained to me that you can use la gatta for a female cat. I tried that here, il cane va verso la gatta, and was marked wrong.


I have never heard that 'la gatta' is acceptable. If you figure out definitively whether it can or cannot be used, let me know! :]


not saying this is official or anything but in my search for an answer in Google this was the first thing that came up



Mary, here's a definitive answer for you :-)



Cuando non posso usare "andare" per tradure il verbo "to go"?


Yes please. I got it wrong, because I accidentally typed: "verso di la gatta", but can anyone explain if: "verso della gatta" (which is what I wanted to type in) and "verso del gatto" would be correct here as well?

Update: I tried "verso della gatta" and it wasn't accepted.


I put verso del gatto and it wasn't accepted either. Wondering if anyone can explain why "verso di lui" but "verso il gatto?"


I'd also like to know why "verso del gatto" isn't acceptable. Free Lingot for a good answer!


Maybe like @bigfrenchfry says, you use "verso di" for personal pronouns, such as lui, lei, tu, etc, but "verso" with others.


You can translate only "verso la gatta/il gatto". "Di" it's a preposition that doesn't stand a definite article.


Im confused. When it gave me the italian to translate, it said "il cane va contro il gatto" which was "the dog goes toward the cat" but when it gave me that exact same sentence in english to make into italian, and I put 'il cane va contro il gatto', it marked me wrong?!


Why not 'toward' in the English sentence?


So why can't it be verso del gatto please?


Can we instead say: Il cane va al gatto?


not to mean toward the cat. if you are talking about movement it should be verso.


Oooooh brotheeeeerr.......


If you say for a mem. Io vado verso di lui. Verso is followed by Di.. It is a regular grammatical rule. Verso di lei

So here it should be verso di il gatto so verso del gatto


Why va vesro di lui but va verso il gato?


Are there any hints to learn prepositions? It ia pretty annoying and Duolingo unfortunately does not give many information about it :(


"La cagna va verso il gatto" not accepted 25 Jan 2022. As someone who owns una cagna, I think we should be able to use the feminine version.

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