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  5. "Canada is over here."

"Canada is over here."

Translation:Канада вот здесь.

November 3, 2015



What's the difference between Канада здесь and Канада вот здесь and Вот Канада?


Канада здесь - Canada is here

Канада вот здесь - Canada is over here

Вот Канада - Here is Canada

It is worth mentioning that although these generally are accurate, no translation ever reflects what is tried to be communicated in the native language 100%. The only way to learn what they mean perfectly, you need to be exposed to them many times in different contexts.


Isn't Вот Канада meaning "here is Canada" like you're delivering something to someone?


It could be, but it really means pointing at where something is. In this case it could be pointing at Canada on a map.


Why does "вот" come before "здесь"?


What exactly is the difference between《Канада вот здесь》and《Канада есть здесь》


Why is "канада вот" not valid? My russian teacher taught us this form.


I don't understand because I thought "вот" and "здесь" both meant "here". What is the difference between these two words?


I understand it that "вот" is more like "here you go" when you are being handed or shown something, whereas "здесь" is used in relation to a specific location. Could be totally wrong though :D


Канада там not correct?


No because там is "There" or "there is". So your sentence would be "Canada there?" Which doesn't make sense.


Can someone explain why it's "вот здесь" and not "вот тут"?


Probably: (1) it is "вот здесь" and not "вот тут"; (2) there's no reason, that's just how it is. But it would be nice to get some confirmation.


Is Канада конец/окончен/завершено здесь a better translation than Канада вот здесь? Are they all correct and have the same value? (They are all hints for the word is over).


"Canada is over" certainly has a different meaning...


Oh, I see now what it means! Sort of like Game Over, not like over there. :D


Can't it just be Канада здесь?


No, what you wrote is "Canada is here".


So the context is that they are looking at a map and that's why вон там would feel unnatural?


i dont understand this. when the question popped up it asked me to write the sentence in Russian but i cant do that i have a English keyboard?? i dont at all understand how to answer this when i cant type Russian letters.


You can add Russian to your keyboard choices. Go to settings and keyboard. I actually have English, Spanish and Russian. Once you add, you just slide the space bar and whala!


I have the same problem - but don't worry! Just google "Russian Keyboard" and you can use the first thing that pops up. Hope this helps! :D


Are really "Канада вот здесь" and "вот Канада здесь" different and one incorrect? Is the order of words in this case that strict from the meaning and the grammatic points of view?


It is pretty much like in English: "Over is Canada here" is quite different from. "Canada is over here"


My keyboard won't type Russian makes this level a tad hard to pass


You can try a browser plugin that handles the transliteration or just add the language in your system (takes maybe 20 seconds if you know where to look).

If you add Russian input, you typically can choose between the default Russian layout (йцукен) or a phonetic one (e.g., Windows 10 Mnemonic layout). On a mobile device, just йцукен is good enough—you are not using a physical keyboard anyway.

The path you choose depends on your goals—if you live in a Russian speaking country йцукен is the way to go; if all you wanted is to try Russian for a few weeks, a browser extension is good enough.


вот здесь- is this work used always as over here? In all categories ?


can't type in Russian


On phone you can add new keyboard just go in options or playstore


I swear the word was здись when I started, not здесь. Was there indeed such a change - and if so, why -, am I confusing it with something else, or am I going mad?


Is it just me or This sounds like Canada, What is this?


So, How would someone say, "Canada is over there." Is "Канада вот там." right?


It is usually "вон там" but "вот там" is also an option.


So вон здесь is also an option?


Shady: so is вон здесь an ootion. So far no one has answered why its вон там but вот здесь. And grammatically what?


Вон здесь sounds odd. Still, you can find 4 instances in НКРЯ (337 million words at the moment). The word вон points away, so, understandably, it is rarely used with здесь (unless здесь means a place at a distance).

Both вон and вот have uses other than this spatial meaning; as explanatory/emphatic particles, you can see them around all sorts of words.


Thanks so much! Got confused after вот там instead of вон там was an accepted answer. Maybe it meant over there but close like on a map or a desk.


Вот там is an option. However, it is quite hard to judge its frequency—all I can tell, the examples are easy to find. It is just that some of the hits use вот as an emphatic particle (but they are not all like this):

  • Вот там таким людям и пытаются оказать помощь. = It is these places that attempt to lend support to such people
  • Вот там и живет смерть. = It is there that the death resides.


Teaching an american how to use a map I guess

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