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"They are eating eggs in the office."

Translation:Ofiste yumurta yiyorlar.

November 3, 2015



Why is yumurtalar incorrect?


General direct objects do not get the plural suffix in Turkish.

Read this explanation carefully: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7736911


It must be said that "Ofiste yumurta yiyorlar" in no way means that the group of people are sharing the consumption of one egg in the office. And if they were indeed engaged in the bizarre act of eating a single egg together, then "bir" would precede "yumurta".


Please I really need to understand this.

Why is it not ofisti

Ofisten =from the office Ofise=to the office Ofiste=at the office

Why is it e and not i

Some words are a for example Bardan =from the bar,

how do we know when to use a, e, i,u

Thank you very much


ok thanks a lot for that link i now know how to use the ta and da. thanks alot


Ben türküm türkçe öğreniyom slfmckmdlvmflv ingilizled ❤❤❤❤ you


Can I write this as "Yumarta ofiste yiyolar"?


My understanding is that yes you can but the emphasis would change from where they were eating (the office) to what they were eating (eggs).


Minditon, it is not "yerler" because the English sentence is "they are eating", at the continuous tense. So you have to write "yiyorlar".

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