"The chicken is yellow."

Translation:Kyllingen er gul.

November 3, 2015

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I remember a case in SPCA (I don't remember the correct meaning of the acronym, but it's about Preventing Cruelty on Animals), where they brought a box of dyed chickens. Not just yellow, but also blue, green, pink etc. It is not okay to do such thing to animals, but, I hate to admit it, the result was quite impresive.


'kylling' often refers to baby chickens in Norwegian, which are yellow.


I know, the ones I am talking about were just few days old. They colored them multicolour, to make them more attractive as pets. Everyone in the office were walking around and looking at them, because they weren't used to such sight.


Is she Billina from the Oz books?


Solen er ikke gul, det er kylling

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