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"Noi siamo una famiglia e oltretutto oggi è festa."

Translation:We are a family and moreover today is a holiday.

November 20, 2013



I find this sentence very strange, both in English and in Italian.


It's Italy. La famiglia e tutto. Nothing needs to make sense where Italian families are concerned. It's a separate universe. A universe consisting of (ONE) family. More direct answer - I'm assuming the context is someone saying that it's a special day - we have to spend it together. Of course they spend most other days together as well but there you go - "La famiglia e tutto"


"Because I said so, that's why!"

Sounds like an argument with a reluctant teenager, and the parent is saying the sentence.


Hey! Shut upa you face! Go to your room junor.


Why "Oggi è festa" and not "Oggi è una festa"? Why no article in this case?


It's hard to explain, but it's correct. I think it's because it describes the whole day (but, being a native speaker, I've never thought about it before). For example, "Oggi è festa" means that today is a day of festivity (as Christmas, Easter...), "Oggi c'è una festa" means that today there's a party, but "Oggi è una festa" sounds a bit odd. It could make sense if you said something like "Oggi è una festa molto importante" (today is a very important holiday) talking about an anniversary or something like that.


Reminds me of the English "I am king".


“Dad, can't I stay home? I'm old enough to look after myself. Why do we all have to go to family fun land?" ...


....e già sono ubriaco.


For me it's like an answer to a question like : Why are you all at home together now? :)


can we not use 'on top of that' instead of 'moreover'?


I always thought that moreover being a conjunction CANNOT be followed by and, I wrote down the same answer omitting and and it was marked wrong. I distinctly remember being downgraded in English for and moreover, although it is correct in Italian


what the...? It's hard enough writing these sentences from dictation, especially while thinking that it absolutely cannot be correct.


I said "We are a family and moreover it is a holiday today" and that was marked incorrect. The meaning is exactly the same whether you put today before "is" or at the end.

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The meaning is similar, but the emphasis is different.


'Moreover' rarely used in English and it's usage inappropriate in this sentence.


I agree. I wrote "after all" but Duo didn't accept it.


In the words from which to select for the translation, there is only one letter 'a' and two are required for a correct solution.

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