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  5. "Does he have a mother?"

"Does he have a mother?"

Translation:У него есть мама?

November 3, 2015



If I heard it right, the "г" here sounds like the English "v". Is that the correct way of saying it?


Yes, you heard right. "Его", as well as words ending in "-ого/-его" and the word "сегодня", are pronounced with V.


Thank you very much. I nearly thought the audio was incorrect.


so there in that way it is V, and usually it is G?


So, "неё" is for women, "него" for men and "них" for "they"?


You've got it!

Edit: Strictly, "неё" is for all feminine nouns (including women), "него" for masculine nouns (including men) and also neuter, and "них" for plurals. All Russian nouns belong to one of these genders.


can this sentence work without the "есть"? I tried that and it counted it wrong so I wanted to see if there was rule about него...?


No. It is even stressed in this question.

When you ask whether someone has something, you have to use "есть". У тебя есть ручка? Do you have a pen?

If you say "У тебя ручка?", stressing the word "ручка", you will actually ask if you have a pen - and not something else. As if all the people in the room had pencils and this person had a pen. Like "Is it a pen you have?"

Hope this makes sense. "У тебя мама?" sounds really weird for a Russian ear. I can't think of a context to say so.


is it possible to use "его" here instead of "него"? Why or why not?


No, after "у" the "н" at the start of "его" is required. But note that this only applies when "его" stands alone, when it's a possessive modifying another noun the "н" is omitted. So "he has a mother" - у него есть мама, but "his mother has a mother" - у его мамы есть мама.


What would be the proper way to transliterate this phrase? I wrote U nevo est' mat' and it said it had typos.


why is mama not in ackusative? :-)


Because of the way possession works in Russian, in this sentence "мама" is the subject. Literally it's something like "with him a mom exists".


U nego est' mama? my answer was: у него ест мама , Why I can't type in Russian words?


You have a mistake in your answer, it should be есть.


Why not "у него есть мам(Ы)" ?


In the beginning I learned that 'Mum' translates to 'мама' and later in this 'Family course', I learned that 'Mother' translates to 'Матерь'. Am I wrong for thinking 'У него есть Матерь?' translates to 'Does he have a Mother?'....?


Well, replace матерь with мать and you have it right. Admittedly, the difference in English is not as important (in present day Russian мать is rather formal, though it is мать and отец that you will see in any official documents).


Thank you for your response.


Why not мать? I think that is correct translation to mother. Мама is more the equivalent to mum, or?


Why is "y" necessary? When is it used?

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