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  5. "This man is eating."

"This man is eating."

Translation:Этот человек ест.

November 3, 2015



Can we use мужчина here instead of человек?

[deactivated user]

    Yes. Человек can refer both to men and women, мужчина only refers to men.


    Why is this wrong? "этот мужчина ест" мужчина is man.

    [deactivated user]


      When is etot/этот rather than eto/это used?


      Demonstrative pronouns have to agree in gender and number with the word: use этот for masc.sing., эта for fem.sing., это for neut.sing. and эти for plural.


      Спасибо! So the plot thickens with good ol' gender gore ...


      What is the difference between мужчину and мужчина?


      Мужчина is nominative; мужчину is accusative.


      would "etot muzhchinu est" be ok? i picked up мужчину/muzchinu from the list of suggestions, deciding no to use человек as it would lose the information about the gender of the man who's eating (a male human)

      if мужчина should be included among the accepted answers, would it be accusative form мужчину as it now appears isolatedly suggested?


      Do you know the difference between nominative and accusative case? The thing in the nominative case is the thing acting- we call this the subject in English. The thing in the accusative case is the thing being acted on- we call this the direct object in English.

      Consider the sentence: "The man is drinking water." In this sentence, "man" is the subject- the thing acting, thus it must be in the nominative case. Next, "water" is the subject- the thing being acted on, thus is must be in the accusative case.

      So you would write this sentence as "Мужчина пьёт воду." The actual word for water is вода, but it gets changed because of its case. Because of this system, you can also write "Воду пьёт мужчина." Because "вода" has been changed to "воду," you know it is the accusative case- or the direct object, even though it comes first.

      If this is still confusing or you have more questions, please tell me and I will explain again another way.

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