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  5. "I eat everything."

"I eat everything."

Translation:Я ем всё.

November 3, 2015



всё means "all, everything"

все means "all (people), everyone"

PS: Russians normally omit the two dots on все, so be aware of the meaning from the context


Well I tend to eat a lot of people so this is going to muddy the water a bit...


Then it would be: Я ем всех


Ом нём нём


What does it mean? !


I suspect it means nothing in Russian, but seeing how the sentence up there is "I eat everything", it's probably supposed to be read as "Om nom nom". ;)


Yep, I suspect it should be "ом ном ном". We use it in Russian with the same meaning =) Though it's mostly Internet slang. In daily life "ням-ням" is the most common


I feel this on a spiritual level


Vsyo should be allowed


Yes i would guess this is a bug


are subject pronouns compulsory when the verb form shows the (first) person?


Should be optional. You could just say, "Ем всё." and the "Я" (I) will be assumed. Haven't tested that in Duo though..


Most Russians don't do this. They use the pronouns in addition to the conjugations, unlike Spanish and the Romance languages.

Source - my Russian professor.


You're totally right.

Since I am native Russian speaker, I can say that Russians don't really like this. They omit the pronouns only in a very quick speech or for special emphasis.


I've heard that native Russian speakers do, however, omit multiple appearances of the same pronoun, similar to what's done in English. (e.g. "I walked to the park and ate an apple.", "Я пошел в парк и съел яблоко.")

Can a native Russian speaker confirm or deny this?


Except French which always uses pronouns.


didn't work for me, reported


ummm... this might be a stupid question but whats the difference between em and est


em is 1st person


And whats est? (・´з`・)


Я ем. Ты ешь. Вы едите. Он/она/оно ест. Они едят.

Я/ты/он/она ел/ела. Оно ело. Вы/они ели


To go off on this, 'Есть' is one of the verbs abnormal verbs that conjugate.... strangely. Two other weird and common ones being 'дать', and 'хотить'


that's the infinitive :)


nope, est' (есть) is infinitive. Without the soft sign it's third person singular


Thaks everyone (´ε` )♡(´ε` )♡


Oops, okay. I wasn't able to tell from the Latin script... XD


Я ем - i eat Он ест - He eats You cant say Он ем))


Did you purposely put the "you" in that last translation? XD


Look I think that "ест" is in present continuous. I am not 100% btw


I haven't gotten the hang of word order yet; is it more natural to say Я ем всё Or Я всё ем?


Both are normal if intonational emphasis is on "всё".


Since russian has free-form phrasing, я всё ем is also accepted here l, which i find much easier to pronounce.


What's the difference between ё and e?


"ё" is pronounced as "yo", "е" is pronounced as "ye"




I'm having a hard time pronouncing всё - is it like "s-yo?"


Why is "yo" not allowed for ë???


There are rules to the Romanization of the Russian script and "yo" for "ë" is in only one of the many available systems. I'm not sure if mixing the systems is allowed. Then again, looking at the possible transliteration systems on Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romanization_of_Russian), I'd assume that in this course the Passport (2013), ICAO system is used. But then, the "yu" and "ya" that are used for "ю" and "я" here would be "wrong". So who knows...

If at all possible for you, try to use the actual Cyrillic alphabet. Then you won't have to worry about transliteration on top of learning the language itself. :)


Hola, por favor, saben cuándo ем y ест, gracías ?


Ем es solomente por Yo y ест es por el/ella


Ya em vse is also correct


How do you get the letters with accents? I don't have them on the screen and can't make them up with the keyboard...


You don't need them. The accent marks are only added for learning purposes and in dictionaries, so you'd know where the stress is in unfamiliar words (because it's rather unpredictable in Russian). Russians don't use them in regular writing.


But for instance, when I write Bcë with the English keyboard because I can't write ë with the Russian keyboard, I am told I made a mistake and asked to write it again and again


Ah, that's not an accent. "Ё" is a separate letter. On a standard Russian PC keyboard that letter is situated on the '~' key (to the left of the '1'). And to type it on an android or apple device usually you need to press and hold the 'е' key. Still, most of the time we, Russians, don't bother to do that either and simply substitute 'ё' with 'е'. However "всё" and "все" are different words ("everything" and "everyone" respectively), so Duo wants you to pay attention to them.


I work on a laptop with a french keyboard. I get the russian keyboard by Windows. I still can't meke up the ë, but it's all right, it's no big deal. Thank you for your answer anyway.


I'd just like to say that it would be great to be able to somehow hear the phrase being spoken at this stage. It's all well and good to read the phrase, but when learning a new language (albeit with a new alphabet) then it would be really helpful to hear as well as read. If Duolingo believes that hearing the phrase spoken would detract from the lesson (e.g.: it might allow the student to have an unfair advantage over just reading) then they could make hearing the phrase accessible after the answer has been submitted.


Is there/what is the difference between ьсё and всё? Duo claims a spelling error on the former but counted it right.


ьсё does not exist and it is unpronounceable.


Yes they are differend. Search russian alphabet explaining videos on youtube to see by yourself


This thing will not work. I have no idea how to get a Russian keyboard and English is "wrong" no matter how I spell. What's the point in trying if nothing is right


good question. I have asked the same thing over and over but I do not get an answer either. very frustrating when they require answers in russian


If using phone, google how to add russian keyboard to the particular operating system that your phone uses. It is usually in the settings (it was for my android 6, and android 8 phone). If you are using a computer, also google how to add the Russian keyboard to your operating system (in windows, it is in the settings, in ubuntu, I added a the russian language pack. I'm sure there's a way for apple too). Then, if you want to, you can buy stickers for $1.00 from ebay, to stick over the top of your keys.


On Apple, go into settings and into general. It'll have keyboard settings and you can add from there.


я ем всё подряд

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