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I finished the Turkish course!!! :))))))))))))

Today I finished the entire Turkish course!!

I started the Turkish course right after I graduated. I was going to go to Istanbul to visit my friend as a graduation vacation, so I decided to start learning a few things for my trip. But that vacation fell through when I got a really badass full-time summer internship that I couldn't pass up. Still, I was really disappointed that I didn't get to Turkey.

After I graduated, I had a really hard time adjusting to a 9-5 schedule, and its really rough spending the majority of your day with co-workers rather than the people you love and care about. Its hard finding your place in the world and suddenly losing all your confidence in who you are cause you feel lost transitioning to an "adult". I am still struggling with all of this, but its gotten a little easier.

Learning Turkish was a little bit of sanity for me because helped me feel connected to my friend in turkey (he lives in the states for college, but spends his summers in Istanbul, so he left literally days before I graduated). Also, he is literally my favorite person, and it makes me happy that he likes me learning Turkish. He has since returned and brought back a comic book called "Sizinkiler" by Burç Murç to help me learn.

Thank you Turkish Duolingo team for making such an awesome course!! I can tell yall really enjoy being involved and making the lessons, and I appreciate the feedback. I'm sure some of my questions are frustrating, so I also appreciate the patience. I really love the language and I plan on continuing on learning. I'll be using Duolingo, anki, turkish comics to further my studies, and I would like to consider turkish textbooks.

çok teşekkür ederim -Julia

November 3, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Congratulations! I've just started the turkish course a couple of days ago. I like to learn languages because I think it helps you to know better the world. Wish me luck!


    Tebrik ederim çalışmaya devam ama onu korumak daha zor .Benden de 5 lingot...


    Onu öğrenmekte çok zor... Kaç yıldır Türkiye'de yaşıyorum hala düzgün konuştuğum söylenemez...


    Aferin! Tebrik ederim!


    Tebrikler ! Bir lingot veriyorum :)



    you made me feel ashamed for giving up...((( but one day I will return to the Turkish course here...


    Tebrik ederim. İnşallah Türkçeyi unutmazsın.


    yok ya unutmaz bence yani inşallah


    "Sizinkiler" faydalı mı?


    Evet! "Sizinkiler" çok faydalı. Kelimelar iyi için öğreniyor.

    Its helpful because there are illustrations to go with the copy, so its easier to put two and two together. Its a cute comic! Apparently my friend read Sizinkiler when he was little.



    Tebrikler Julia! :)


    Congrats! Tebrikler!

    I had a funny feeling that I would be seeing this post from you soon! I am glad that you were able to finish the course. You should definitely look into watching some soap operas as well. They are a great way to build your "real life" vocab which you won't get from books


    Thank you!! You've helped me out a lot, also! :D Thanks for answer all my ridiculous questions, hahaha. Do you have any recommendations for soaps? Every now and then, I'll watch my friend's soaps with him; he likes Kiralık Aşk and Poyraz Karayel. I can relate to Kiralık Aşk because I am a photograph/graphic designer working for a custom clothier, so I actually photograph shoes. I like them both tho! :))))


    I personally like "Muhteşem Yüzyıl" a lot, although I haven't been keeping up too much as of late. "Ezel" is supposed to be good. Of course, the most popular across the board is "Aşk-ı Memnu" :D I may have to check out "Kiralık Aşk" myself.


    So would you recommend "Muhteşem Yüzyıl" for B1/B2 level or is the language too historical?


    it is not too historical, they speak the modern language with a few old words in between, just to make it sound historical :D

    and you can find it with English subtitles on youtube


    I don't think we should watch it with English subtitles but the problem is that last time I looked on http://www.turkcealtyazi.org/ they only had Turkish subtitles for the first episode. I think without Turkish subtitles it would be too difficult for our level. Maybe I should write to the people who produced it to suggest that Turkish subtitles would also be useful for deaf native speakers, and so could they release all the scripts onto the internet.


    Aferin, tebrikler, Julia. If you like costumes, you'll like "Muhteşem Yüzyıl". I myself am watching Ezel (on Youtube with English subtitles, though). The topic is betrayal/revenge/lost love/redemption, so the best thing is, the characters are mostly talking very emphatically, like they reeeeeaaaally wanna come across with their message.. So every so often they do get to make me understand, too. The acting is not always top, but the story with all the twists keeps me going. And since the series is through, you can binge-watch it in one (long) weekend. Happy learning.


    Thanks for the suggestions!! Muhteşem Yüzyıl looks pretty interesting. I think I ran across it a long while back -- something about it being like a Turkish Game of Thrones. I think now that I have finished the tree, I'll give it a try :)


    Kiralık Aşk definately is a splendid one :) Plus, the Turkish they are using is a proper one, unlike we sometimes see in some other series. I can recommend a new one, Muhteşem Yüzyıl-Kösem, sequal of the previous one.


    Hey that's great news, can I ask how you feel about everything you've learned, do you feel more at ease with forming questions and general vocab?


    For everything that I have learned, I feel mostly confident in reading/writing at my level. So, yes, I feel at least with forming simple questions and general vocabulary. Now that I am finished, I need to refresh on a few topics on Duolingo. My next challenge is to work on listening/speaking and building my vocabulary :)


    Congratulation, Turkish is pretty hard. Finishing the tree is certainly an accomplishment.


    Congratulations! :-]


    Tebrikler Julia! I just signed up Duolingo 2 days ago and I take Turkish course. I hope I'll always be consistent to learn the language. :D


    well done! watch ask-i memnu. amazing styling, and a very nice adaptation of a classical turkish novel. 100% contemporary langugage, hot guy bonus.


    ağaç bitirme iyi iş!


    Türkçe zor bir dildir. Türkçe' yi unutmamaya çalış :)


    Congratulation; i finished the course few months ago , but you feel that you have to go back to some sections of duolingo again for more confident.

    Watching movies would help first watch it without translation after that you can watch the translated ones , so you can focus on the new words ; write it down in order to memories.

    good luck


    I finished the course today. Thank you to the authors of the course and to all the commentators who had answered my questions already two years before I began!


    Very good, i am study turkish Duolingo and i want going to Istanbul. Bye

    [deactivated user]

      Well done :) Tebrikler :)


      I am very proud of you for finishing the ENTIRE course! I probably couldn't do that. I happy you graduated too. Have a nice day and don't forget to smile!


      I went to Istanbul and it was life changing. I want to hear the calls from the minarets and cruise the Bosphorus and wander the Golden Horn again!


      Congratulations! tebrikler!


      Congratulations! Please tell me how was your experience. And also tell me can you speak Turkish now, more than speaking are you fluent now? Or whatever you have learned. Can you speak good now? A bit complex? Really exited to see you reply!!


      And can you speak Turkish now?

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