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I finished the Turkish course!!! :))))))))))))

Today I finished the entire Turkish course!!

I started the Turkish course right after I graduated. I was going to go to Istanbul to visit my friend as a graduation vacation, so I decided to start learning a few things for my trip. But that vacation fell through when I got a really badass full-time summer internship that I couldn't pass up. Still, I was really disappointed that I didn't get to Turkey.

After I graduated, I had a really hard time adjusting to a 9-5 schedule, and its really rough spending the majority of your day with co-workers rather than the people you love and care about. Its hard finding your place in the world and suddenly losing all your confidence in who you are cause you feel lost transitioning to an "adult". I am still struggling with all of this, but its gotten a little easier.

Learning Turkish was a little bit of sanity for me because helped me feel connected to my friend in turkey (he lives in the states for college, but spends his summers in Istanbul, so he left literally days before I graduated). Also, he is literally my favorite person, and it makes me happy that he likes me learning Turkish. He has since returned and brought back a comic book called "Sizinkiler" by Burç Murç to help me learn.

Thank you Turkish Duolingo team for making such an awesome course!! I can tell yall really enjoy being involved and making the lessons, and I appreciate the feedback. I'm sure some of my questions are frustrating, so I also appreciate the patience. I really love the language and I plan on continuing on learning. I'll be using Duolingo, anki, turkish comics to further my studies, and I would like to consider turkish textbooks.

çok teşekkür ederim -Julia

November 3, 2015



Congratulations! I've just started the turkish course a couple of days ago. I like to learn languages because I think it helps you to know better the world. Wish me luck!


Tebrik ederim çalışmaya devam ama onu korumak daha zor .Benden de 5 lingot...


Aferin! Tebrik ederim!


Tebrikler ! Bir lingot veriyorum :)



you made me feel ashamed for giving up...((( but one day I will return to the Turkish course here...


Tebrik ederim. İnşallah Türkçeyi unutmazsın.

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