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Any native Russian speakers interested in having an English/Serbian speaking pen pal?

Hello there Duolinguists!

I am seeking for a native Russian-speaking pen pal to improve my Russian. I have been learning Russian on my own (self-taught) for about a year now, and considering I am Slavic myself (Serbian) I would say I can speak Russian at а decent level - I think I can hold a basic, not complicated conversation.

I'm fluent in English, and what I'd want to find is a native Russian who wants to improve their English and/or possibly learn Serbian, so we could improve in both directions.

I also have a VKontakte profile.

If anyone is interested, you can contact me in the comments section and we'll see where do we go from there.

Всем пока!

November 3, 2015



Hi there. You may want to try http://www.italki.com to find language partners.

Or there are few decent mobile apps like:
http://www.hellotalk.com/ and http://hellopal.com/


Hey! Thanks for the reply! :)


Hello Slavic brother!


Hello there! Feel free to add me on https://vk.com/dusanm92 if you like my idea :)

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