"Where is your mother."

Translation:Где твоя мама?

November 3, 2015

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Why is мать considered an error, when the word is 'mother'? As far as I know, мать means 'mother', while мама equals 'mom'.


Generally, it is as you said. However, when you address a child, it is uncommon to refer to their mother as "мать", "мама" sounds better in this context. Both should be accepted, though, I'd report it.


Мать is, unlike мама, a formal word, so with a pronoun ты you'd use мама, while for вы the varians мать sounds better, because then the formality level is balanced. :)


Ok - I've been taught that мама is very informal, almost children's language. I think that both мама and мать should be possible answers :)

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