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  5. "He does not live here."

"He does not live here."

Translation:Он здесь не живёт.

November 3, 2015



Can anyone explain why it is wrong to put здесь at the end of the sentence here? thanks!


seems Duo accepts здесь at the end now (Mar 7, 2019)


Placing zdes last is correct but emphasizes the importance of HERE. As in "Mom, he (the man in the courtyard ) doesn't live HERE!


Put adverbs before verbs.


So word order is my weakest point in Russian. I have a book on it that I'll read eventually but for now, can anyone explain how off, if at all, it would sound should someone say "Он не живёт здесь"?


A book on Russian word order? Can you share the title?


"Here" can be "тут" as well


why when I google he lives it translates to живeт instead of живёт?


I'm also confused why Google writes живет instead of живёт. My grammar book says that for е-conjugate verbs, the 3rd person singular present time should use -ёт when the stress is at the end of the word in the 1st person singular. For жить the first person singular is живу́ so 3rd person should be живёт.


It's probably because Russians don't care much about the umlaut (the two dots over the ё), they write both е and ё as е. More here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/13114415/When-and-why-can-the-umlaut-in-%D1%91-be-omitted Yes, it makes studying Russian a little more complicated, but once you advance and memorise the words and construction you eventually end up getting used to it.


Вот = "here is", when showing or pointing at something.


Can anyone explain the word order and the reasoning behind it for this sentence please? Is there any logic to it or do you just have to remember that it is this way? Thanks

[deactivated user]

    Maybe MichaelDir16's comment above might help you. I'll copy it so you don't need to search for it:

    "Placing zdes [здесь] last is correct but emphasizes the importance of HERE. As in "Mom, he (the man in the courtyard ) doesn't live HERE!"

    So, "живёт" on the last one to express that the thing that matters is that he doesn't live here. If I understood the rules correctly, it's in the given context always the last word that determines the emphasis of the whole sentence.


    Is Он не здесь живёт correct? Why or why not and what does it imply?


    I don't think you can separate negation from verb. It's like "do live not" instead of "don't live"


    Он здесь не живёшь - not accepted?


    Because: Ты живёшь (You live) Он живёт (He lives)


    What is the difference between здесь and тут?

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