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  5. "Mom wants us to study well."

"Mom wants us to study well."

Translation:Мама хочет, чтобы мы хорошо учились.

November 3, 2015



Is изучали wrong here? My gives both изучать and учиться as translations for "to study" and the hint on hover gives изучать.


No, занимались is more like spend time doing, not studying or learning


The hints are systematically wrong in this lesson. The problem is taking the "to" preposition before the verb as it was a verb in infinitive.

The - л, -да, - ли, - лся, лись, forms are frequently missing in the hints and only sometimes suggested in a second place after the infinitive wrongly formed using the "to".

I tried to report it, but this fail is generalized. In this exercise the correct option is down the list, in others it is totally missing.


Is занимались not an acceptable substitution for учились?


To be specific, "учиться" is translated as "to teach oneself" and "учить" is "to teach".


I translated it to ...чтобы мы уились хорошо. Why is the хорошо not right at the end?

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