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Latin Transliteration Diacritics

When I have to translate certain words, I have to use diacritics because I don't have a Russian keyboard. It is very frustrating because I can't type Éto vsё without copying from somewhere else. It just won't accept Eto vsyo despite being practically identical to Éto vsё.

EDIT: I can't get I Russian keyboard without upgrading my operating system which would cost 60$.

November 3, 2015



install a russian keyboard? It's really easy and you probably already have one waiting to be activated


With this browser add on, you could type e'to vsyo and get это всё. http://www.benya.com/transliterator/


Thanks! This should help a lot


Even if you don't activate/install a Russian keyboard on your machine you should still be able to get all the diacritics you need on an English one. Éto vsë See? I just typed that on my English keyboard. No copy-pasting necessary! Er... I guess you just have to take my word for it.

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