Giving Me 10 XP?

Hi everyone, I'm learning Norwegian Bokmal and I don't know if this is a glitch or not, but today when I was using Strengthen Skills, I got to the end and instead of giving me the 3 XP I usually get, it gave me 10. So I tried again, only to get the same result. I'm confused, is Duolingo giving away extra XP today, or is this just a glitch? My brother is having the same problem on the Norwegain course too. Thanks for the help. :)

November 4, 2015


The amount of xp you receive varies - I guess it depends on how good you did and how many words you strengthened.
I use the android app sometimes and there I always get 10 xp for strengthening. That's really nifty if you're busy and just want to get your daily quota done. ;)

If you don't do so well you'll get less xp, not a glitch. If you do well you get more xp.

Oh okay, thanks :) The only thing that doesn't make sense though is that I've been getting 3 XP for weeks, even when I do great. I thought it was normal xD So getting 10 was just weird. lol

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