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Problem with "eto".

I started Russian today, but I ran into a problem with the word eto. It would not accept my latin letters e-t-o, so I was marked wrong every time that came up. Then I tried entering "p-t-o" just to try to get out of the lesson without having to quit. It worked.

November 4, 2015



Did you report that as an issue on each question you encountered this problem on?


No. I was trying to finish the lesson. I must have gotten the question eto mama 10 or more times in a row. Every time it was wrong. So I put in another letter in frustration. And I was marked correct but with a warning about misspelling. I was able to finish the lesson.

But it just doesn't feel like I am learning Russian using the latin letters. Not being much of a technology expert, I will need someone to help me be able to type the Russian characters on my keyboard.

  • to help me be able to type the Russian characters

Have you read this post?


(It is stickied at the top of the Russian discussion forum, to help us beginners.)


I think it worked! thank you.


Try writing it with the accent, it works for me


Next time it happens hit he report button and press 'my answer should be accepted' I have already had about 3 of my suggestions added to the course.


I recommend using the mobile version of the site if you want to use cyrillic without all this keyboard hassle. You can also add a phonetic keyboard. There are tips on the forums on how to do this.


I also found something similar with another word. If I remember correctly, (it was a little while ago.) it was the word zdes'. It wouldn't accept it without the accent mark either, but I found out that if I just types zdes, without the ' at the end, it worked just fine.

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