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Russian on Mobile App?

I deeply apologise if this has been asked and answered elsewhere, but I've not been able to find the answer.

At what point does a course become available natively on the Duolingo mobile app? Does it only go on the apps after the Beta period has finished?

I know I can use the website on my phone in the meantime when I'm not at my PC, just curious about native app support.


November 4, 2015



I actually just completed a "strengthen skills" session for Russian on the mobile app! I had been doing Russian on my laptop and then opened the app on my phone to do some German and it just popped right into Russian. The whole thing worked perfectly, audio and everything. But after I completed the session and got the 10xp I got the message saying that Russian was not yet available on the mobile app yet and was forced to choose another language to continue. Odd indeed! I'm going to try some more experimentation to see if I can get this to happen again.


Very odd! You'll have to try to find steps to replicate that bug ;-)


I read other answers, apparently it takes 1-2 weeks.


Thanks for the response. Let's hope you're right and we don't need to wait for the beta period to conclude :-)


I really hope not. It's frustrating doing Russian on the keyboard D:


I bought some stickers from Amazon and slapped them on my keyboard. Working wonders to stop me pressing seven keys in the general area before I hit the correct one! Haha


Typically it's like a month or two actually...........


Yep, I think I'm waiting for the mobile app to have the russian language, I don't have the patience to mess with my Latin American keyboard if I have the cyrillic one on my Android. Well at least the curse is ready.


Does the number have to reach 30,000 (30K) in order to go mobile ?


And when I mean 30K, I mean users

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