"Tim, this is Tom."

Translation:Тим, это Том.

November 4, 2015

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I also put this and it was marked as wrong. I don't have access to the e with the accent. Perhaps that feature can be added later.


Same, they need to add the accent symbols and possibly a way to type the cyrillic alphabet from the website, which would make this easier.


Agreed with the Cyrillic alphabet (unless this is by design to understand the phonetics first). I've found it helpful to memorize alt keys. At least in Windows, Alt-' followed by the vowel will produce the accented letter. Alt-' + e = é, etc.


You can download the russian keyboard, that's what i did, also, depending on the type of device you're using, you can hold the 'e' down and it will give you diffrent options: ė,ę,ě,ĕ,ə,è,é,ê,ë,ē . But it's much easier just to download the Russian keyboard so you can just type "Тим, это Том".


"Tim, eto Tom" should work.


I typed "Tim, eto Tom", and it highlighted all three words in red, saying I had typos. Then it said the "correct" answer should be "Tim, eto Tom", which is exactly what I'd written. ??!!


They are both correct answers But because 'Tim' and 'Tom' are names, they should be written with big letters.


It is supposed to be in Russian


Isn't it supposed to be Russian letter "э", pronounced "eh"?


It really isn't hard to just use Google to get a virtual keyboard then copy and paste........


Actually that does sound like a pretty hard way to type.


You can switch back and forth between Latin and Cyrillic keyboards in the Region and Language tab in the Control Panel (Windows). There is your missing э.


I'm getting mildly concerned about how many times I have to introduce these guys to each other.


why dont the creators just make an accent-keyboard just like in portuguese course?


It sure would be nice to have a picture of a Russian keyboard as a reference.


Thanks, 33 letters in the Russian alphabet?!


Да, русский язык наверно такай сложный для иностранцев, как для меня английский сейчас :)


Как американец, это довольно сложно для меня, чтобы выучить русский язык. Я уверен, что мы оба будем изучать языки друг друга. Удачи! :)


Could this be used to introduce someone named Tom to another person (who is named Tim?)


Yes, that is exactly what this sentence is for


could this not, without context, also mean that Tim IS Tom? I only seek clarification here.


The word "это" means "this" and "this is". Тим это Том = Tim, this is Tom. The meaning changes from "this" to "this is" depending on the sentence. Some phrases can use both translations; Это борщ can mean "this borscht" or "this is borscht". But no. The sentence would translate to "Tim, this is Tom." If you wanted to say "Tim is Tom", it would roughly be Тим Том.

Then again, I'm new to Russian and am probably sounding the biggest idiot on this website. Hope what I said helps though :)


Это борщ always means "this is borscht". "This borscht" would be этот борщ. Тим Том is just a nonsense in russian. The difference between "Tim, this is Tom" and "Tim is Tom" in Russian is in punctuation when written and intonation when spoken. There is also a joke about it: — Мама, это я. — Нет, мама это я.


Without context, in 99% of cases, native speakers will understand this phrase as if one person were being introduced to another person. But it can be understood as if one person is actually another person.


For those who are on a Mac computer: to access the accents you'd hold the key of the letter with the accent and then chose an accent.


If you are on a Mac, you can add a Russian keyboard in settings


However, a Mac keyboard does not have the entire alphabet.


What's the difference between "e" and "э"?


Russian "э" is pronounced like English "e" (as in "bed"), while Russian "е" is pronounced like English "ye" (as in "yes"). After consonants, Russian "e" makes the constant "soft" (while "э" doesn't). What "soft" means should be explained later, but very approximately, it sounds like a "y" sound has been inserted between the consonant and the "e".

(there is a whole series of such "y-flavoured" vowels in Russian (я е и ё ю), corresponding to the "non-y-flavoured" vowels, а э ы о у)

Note: all pronunciations approximate.


The easiet way, ive found, is to just download the Russian keyboard, if you're using a phone, ipad or touch screen laptop, it should alow you to download the keyboard in settings. That way you learn the letters aswell as the sounds. I can easily switch keyboards so i can type Тим, это Том.


How did they even launch this course without the list of accents that are needed to answer the questions?


None of the words require the accents. Every answer I have given now, I do without accents and they have been marked correct. Considering the Russian is not written in latin, but Cyrillic, I suppose the accents are not important.

I read in one discussion that accents are only used on latin words in textbooks. They are not required. In fact, I tried using an accent, and it marked me as having a typo when I did. So, try and figure that out!


For all those who might be struggling with some letters, if you are using Mnemonic Russian keyboard layout you can do the following:

You just need to type multiple keys to get to those letters: For example some (not all) of them:

sh -> ш ch -> ч jo -> ё je -> э


Should i learn the Russian alphabet before i learn the language?


I would recommend doing so. It helps you pronounce words and sentences better than those same sounds in English, and helps get you accustomed to Russian. Try to learn Cyrillic first, if you have time.


I wrote Тим зто Том and it said it was wrong. But its ok


I did the same thing XD. We were supposed to put Э instead of З.


Why isn't it, "Тим - этот Том"?


"Тим - этот Том" doesn't make any sense. In case you mean "Тим - это Том", that would be "Tim is Tom", which is also wrong. Тим - это Том and Тим, это Том sounds similar, but have different meanings, that's why the punctuation differ :)


It keeps saying almost correct, i wrote this: Тим, зто Том; but the correct one is: Тим, это Том. Can anyone tell me the difference?


You used the wrong letter. The way you typed it reads "Tim, zto Tom"


This is exactly what I wrote. Why the heck did i get this wrong?! Why haven't the moderators added the Russian alphabet/symbols under the typing box? I'm learning French as well and they have put the French letters and symbols. An English speaker cannot learn Russian this way. Please add the Russian alphabet/symbols.


you can use a russian keyboard instead of an english keyboard


I don't know if this is useful to others, but I discovered something: when I'm supposed to translate a word or phrase into Russian, I (often am able to) hover over the English word I need to translate and when the Cyrillic letters/Russian word pops up in a bubble, I copy and paste it. (It feels sneaky, but I don't yet have a Cyrillic keyboard function on my computer, and this is quicker than using Google Translate or something. At least my brain is hopefully beginning to make the connection between the sound of a word and its spelling.) Good luck, and I hope you're having fun on Duo, everyone!


There needs to be an alphabet with the different characters available to use like the other language.


how do we find how to type Cyrillic alphabet and Russian characters?


I am doing this on my computer and I can't put it Russian HELP!!


I do not have the russian keyboard. How will i be able to answer correctly?


How do I get cyrillic?

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Я и по-английски и по-русски спотыкаюсь на этом предложении :) Разработчики ради шутки выбрали сочетание русской речи и не русских имён?


im on laptop i cant do russian letters and its the last one


Your name is???

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