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  5. "Это всё."

"Это всё."

Translation:That is all.

November 4, 2015



Вот и все, ребята!


I had to take a few seconds to hum the tune in my head after seeing this.


Same here, exact same! :)


Can это also mean "it is"?


I put in "It is everything" and was marked wrong.


yep, i put that and it accepted.


Yes, its because the Russians do not use the verb "to be". So if you would like to say "I am happy" you would only say "Я спокоен" ("I happy" , literally speaking).


It is wrong. "I am happy." will be "Я счастлив." (m) / "Я счастлива." (f), but "счастлив" is stronger and deeper than "happy". Whereas "Я спокоен." (m) / "Я спокойна." (f) will be "I am calm.".


I agree: Я счастлив. Thank you.


Is "сч" pronounced like "ш"?


Сч is usually щ


When there is a maximum letter/word limit


Is the leading в (English 'v' sound) pronounced when saying всё? I found http://forvo.com/word/%D0%B2%D1%81%D0%B5/ but can't make up my mind whether I'm hearing an English 'v' or something closer to an 's' at the start.


In this case, because it comes before 'с', the 'в' becomes devoiced, and sounds more like an English 'f'.


The letter "в" is indeed pronounced. Russians say "в" really fast. For example, in "в метро" will sound like a fast "вметро". You have to get used to detecting these things. They also do it with the letters "к", "у", and "с".


I heard something about voiced and unvoiced characters and how в became "v" before voiced and "f" before unvoiced (more or less using your vocal chords or your lungs/diaphragm, respectively)


I think you're hearing the 'v' more when there is a vowel in front of the В. e.g. say out loud right now "vtaco" then say "havtaco" :-D


Hmm. I would have thought 'That's it' is a reasonable translation as in - 'that's all' or 'that's enough'


that's what i put as well. 'that is it' sounds right to me


I've been told you can use this phrase in restaurants to signal that you've had enough. But can it also refer to a collection of things? Example: I'm moving and my friends ask what I need to move and I point to some boxes and say Это всё. Like, 'that's it' or 'this is everything'. Would I be correct?


Yes, if you're referring to all the boxes.

Fun fact tho Eto vsyo? translates as Is that all?


I read about the difference between "все" and "всё"

  • всё means "all, everything".
  • все means "all (people), everyone"


Это всë фолкс


I'm confused.

I did a bit of reading and I thought forms of этот meant this while forms of тот meant that.

Am I wrong or no?



"That is all" is almost idiomatic in English which is why it's the better translation for Это всё. But generally, you are right!


I don't understand why 'eto' is translated to 'this' here, when earlier we were taught that 'etot' is 'this'? Translating it as 'it is' is now marked as incorrect. Can anyone explain?


это can mean this is, that is, it is, depending on context.

Это is also the neuter form of этот as a demonstrative. Это кошка, this is a cat. Эта кошка this cat. It can be confusing because это is spelled the same both ways, so you need to have context.

In this context, translating "it is all" sounds a bit weird to me. In this context, it makes more sense to translate it as this is all/that's all.


I think they explained in a couple different comment sections, but I believe they said there are two 'eto' that look and sound the same but function differently. the first is always 'eto' and is a more vague 'this' in general, like in this case, this is all. More like a gesture?

The other one is actually 'this one right here in front of me' referring to something very specific. When it's that 'eto' it is conjugated depending on the noun - etot for masc., eta for fem., and so on.

Sorry if that wasn't very clear - I'm learning as well!


What's the difference between всё and все?


это is this and that ?


Is "Это всё" the same as "всё" in spoken russian ?


I know a lot of Russians use всё to mean "that's it, I'm done talking, I've finished what I'm saying" - I don't know if that's what you mean?


I have some contact with native Russians and to me it seems to me it is indeed used like in English somebody would say "enough". Waiting for an admin to correct me hehehe


It's a good song. Look up "Это всё - ДДТ"


всё: From Proto-Slavic vьśь ("everything"). From Proto-Balto-Slavic wiśas, from Proto-Indo-European *(h₁)wíḱwos. Cognate with Sanskrit विश्व (viśva, "everyone").


I'm curious...the Cyrillic spelling shows 'vse' with 2 dots above the 'e' meaning 'yo'...so why is it not spelled ''vsyo''?


The transliteration is pretty poor, if that's what you're looking at. (I've never used the transliteration, so I'm guessing here!)


I assume that myself. Same with the word 'nee'. Should really be 'neyo', since it too has the ё above it, as it is also spoken by the woman as 'neyo'.


I really do highly recommend learning the alphabet and not relying on the transliteration at all - it's a relatively small outlay of effort with large benefits.

I've yet to come across any transliteration of Russian that's foolproof, and the one Duolingo uses is really iffy. IMO, you're much better off learning how всё неё etc look in Cyrillic than trying to learn via a really dodgy transliteration and come out the other end with a much weaker grasp on Cyrillic, which is pretty much vital if you want to be able to learn Russian from another source/to use it for any reason other than speaking/listening.

(And even if your plan is to only use it for that/not to learn Russian from another source, I think you're unnecessarily stunting your knowledge of the language.)


I know the alphabet. I'm currently waiting on a new keyboard and Russian alphabet letter stickers to also come to put ON the keyboard so I can type in Cyrillic. At the moment I'm sticking with the Romanized spelling since if I switch TO Cyrillic, then it will want me to type in it and I don't know where most of the letters are.


Then I'd recommend either printing out the keyboard layout or putting it up onscreen - I believe you can also input via some tool in Google and have Latin letter combinations come up as Cyrillic letters. Or you could download or create a phonetic keyboard (where, for example, С is mapped to S and Н to N etc - it's not ideal if you want to learn the "real" Russian keyboard layout, but if you don't have the Cyrillic layout to hand it's very helpful.

As I say, the transliteration is quite poor - I'm not convinced how much real value you're getting when you're using that, especially if you don't outright need it (since you know Cyrllic). Learning a poor and misleading transliteration is brainpower that could better be spent elsewhere, essentially.


всё sounds like "vso", is that how it's meant to be pronounced?




anyone here who plays csgo add me so we can practice russian :D


I accidently wrote "That is" and pressed check on accident.


that all folks what????


There's also "It is it" as accepted translation which I encountered while typing wrong answer. I think it's not good one.


На этом всё.


how do i pronounce всё ? I feel that there is an accent on it.


I thought это was "this" or "this is" and тот was "that"


i'm having a hard time pronouncing it really- can someone help?


The guy sounds like he's saying "vsya" instead of "vsyo"


Все pronunciation?


Would this is all be valid?


I could leave, but I won't go, though it'd be easier, I know. I can't feel a thing from my head down to my toes.


Есть такая песня, ребята) . исполнитель сплин- это всё


Does this also mean this is everything?

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