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  5. "This is my problem."

"This is my problem."

Translation:Это моя проблема.

November 4, 2015



Why are some words that end in -a written with эта whereas others are written with это? I thought эта was feminine?


This problem is difficult - Эта проблема сложная

This is my problem - Это моя проблема

The difference is that in the second case 'this' is used as a subject (you could replace it with a noun), while in the first case it's used as an attribute (you could replace it with an adjective).

Also, not all words ending with а are feminine.


So, how do I know when to use мои, моя, мой, or моё? This has been tripping me up since I started, and I haven't found a clear pattern to it yet.


I'm not 100% on this, but I think it's plural, feminine, masculine, and neuter (respectively). Since Russian nouns have genders, (bread, хлеб is masculine while dog, собака is feminine, for example), the corresponding pronoun needs to have the same gender.


She is mine=она моя He is mine=он мой It is mine=оно (это) мое They are mine=они мои


Maybe this translation isn't ideal for this exercise but "это моя дела" could have the same meaning right


Это моё дело. But дело and проблема don't have the same meaning actually.


What's the difference between "моя" and "моё" ?


this is not my problem!! )))


Why isn't this этот моя проблема? It refers to a specific problem, I believe это моя проблема would translate to "It is my problem"..

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