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"Г" sound in Russian

When does the letter "г" in Russian sound like "g" and when does it sound like "v"?

November 4, 2015



"Г" always makes the "G" sound. The exception is the adjective suffix "-ого", where it is pronounced "-ovo".


I thought 'Г' (along with all the other voiced consonants) get devoiced at the end of a word; which in this case corresponds to a 'K' sound.


That's only when it's the very last letter, which in "ого" it is not.


You're right. I forgot about that.

I was mostly addressing why it's sometimes pronounced like "в".


You are actually right. I always heard them pronounce "Друг" as "Druk".


The letter Г can be pronounced as g, k, v, or kh. It is usually pronounced as [g] — however, it is pronounced as [k] before any unvoiced letter except К, where it is instead pronounced more like [kh]: лёгкий (easy) is [lyokh-ki], not [lyok-ki]. Additionally, it is pronounced like К OR Х at the end of a word, such as друг (friend) or Бог (God); most native speakers opt for the [kh] pronunciation in this situation, as far as my knowledge goes. Г is pronounced as [v] when between [ye] and [o] (его = yevo) or between [o] and [o] — it retains its original pronunciation (g) in some words, like много [mnoga] (a lot) and немного [nyemnoga] (some/a little). I hope this helped!


If it's "ого", I think it's usually pronounced as v.


I've been studying Russian for 3 years now using several different sources, and this is what I've learned: the letter "Г" is indeed the letter "G", but as the very last letter of a word it makes a sound very similar to that of the letter "К". But to answer your question, anytime you ever see "-ого" or "-его" it is ALWAYS pronounced as the Russian letter "В". Even the word "его" meaning "his / him" is pronounced "yevo". The only exception is the word "много" which keeps the regular pronunciation "mnogo".


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