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November 4, 2015



Now here's a word I can get behind!


Pizza is great in every language. ;)


Omg it felt so good when I was able to understand the meaning of "меню" in the right!


Yeah I would say :- Пицца пожалуйста!


Why is the English translation plural?


because пицца in Russian might also mean pizzas when we talk about them as a whole, like an uncountable mass, though if you count them, then there is a word пиццы


How do you read it ? The last one


Try to speak a long "eeeeeeee" like in bee and then pull your tongue back und down to make a throaty sound, a bit stronger than in "we (are)"


The ы is difficult for me to say. Спасибо


Good explanation. Thanks!


This might be the most useful word I would use in Russia.


I had to choose pizzas because pizza singular was not a choice. Pizzas was counted correct though. Also one of the choices was first and then arrows and then second, which was not a marking I've ever seen before.


Pizza in the singular is never a choice in real life anyway.


And how to say its plural? пицця?


Одна пицца Две три четыре пиццы Пять (и больше) пицц Сто одна пицца...


What difference does the second "ц" make?


Most Russian seems to be pretty phonetic, but loanwords and names from other languages are sometimes transliterated in a way to keep a visual similarity to the original. In this case, the second "ц" mimics the double "z" in "pizza".


In Moscow, I used to laugh when I saw the sign "Пицца Хат", which I figured was as close as Russian gets to the American "Pizza Hut".


My favourite was how in McDonalds one could buy a чизбургер or a гамбургер. First night in St Pete, went to McD's because it was 'easy', and then it took us some moments of complete panic before we realised all the items were just transliterated! Чикен МакНуггетс or however they spelled it left us scratching our heads...


You have triggered my McDonalds joke: I have said many times that the McDonalds in Moscow were very authentic -- Just like in the US, I always felt slightly sick when I ate there.



Random: I've eaten in McD's in several countries when it's that omg so tired do not speak local language have not yet procured bed for the night thing, and the McD's in Estonia was significantly better than any I've had elsewhere. Strange but true!

I'm of the opinion that everything is just better in Estonia, and it randomly happens to affect even McD's.


I lived in Moscow from 2000-2003 and many Russians loved McD's. The restaurants and stores I went to were not good at hamburgers -- even the Hard Rock Cafe. I suspected they were part horsemeat. But McD's were better, though not great.


There is russian word "фарт" ("luck") which I see once being transliterated to English. It was on the sign of some totalizator office or mini-casino with slot machines, I don't remember. But that was funny.


Wow I would love a hat made of pizza


it makes the sound of "ts" in the word pots


When teaching my English-speaking German-learning students to make the ts sound, which also occurs in German, I used the word pizza. Say "pizza" = "peetsa. Say it several times fast, then drop the "pee" and just say "tsa, tsa,tsa". It worked for almost everyone.


Is it the same word for singular and plural?


Одна пицца, две пиццы, много пицц, я готовлю пиццу, я позавтракаю пиццей, он питался только этими пиццами


Please translation in English.We are all starters here in Russian.


HATAllluK was just reviewing endings for pizza. His sentence would start "One pizza, two pizzas, many pizzas, I cook pizza, I will have pizza for breakfast," and I don't know the last phrase.


Actually, you can say Я питался одной пиццей, which would mean I ate only pizzas, and not I ate 1 pizza. In this case пицца works as a collective noun.


WOW that is really good! Exactly how to say it in English. I used google translate and it was perfect. I’m a beginner спасибо


Ok, I'll be a little finicky here. The double Z in the Italian word PIZZA is pronounced like [TTS] without dividing the two T sounds, as you all know. So it would be [PITTSA], just by extending the T sound a bit (not by repeating it); on the other hand I understand that the letter ц sounds like [TS], so in Russian пицца would sound literally like PITSTSA... wouldn't it be more accurate to write it as питца??


Oh nevermind, I've just figured it out myself. What I wrote is nonsense because it's exactly as in Italian. The ц symbol is pronounced TS just as the Z symbol, so as the ZZ symbol is pronounced TTS, the цц symbol is pronounced TTS too. If it was like I wrote, then in Italian one should write PITZA as well... Sorry!


Can someone please write out the russian alphabet compared to the english aalphabet ?


Аа - Aa Бб - Bb Вв - Vv Гг - Gg Дд - Dd Ее - Ee (ye) Ёё - (yo) Жж - (zh) Зз - Zz Ии - Ii (ee) Йй - (y) Кк - Kk Лл - Ll Мм - Mm Нн - Nn Оо - Oo Пп - Pp Рр - Rr Сс - Ss Тт - Tt Уу - Uu Фф - Ff Хх - (kh) Цц - (ts) Чч - (ch) Шш - (sh) Щщ - (shch) Ъъ - (y) Ыы - Yy Ьь - ('y) Ээ - Ee Юю - (yu) Яя - (ya)


Should pizza use "мой" or "Моя" in sentences with "my"?


моя - женский род


Finally we are learning something useful! I'm really going to need this if I'm ever going to speak Russian, thanks duolingo!


Duolingo comments are like Youtube comments


My cousin is coming adopted from Ukraine, and it's SO hard to teach, and understand her! This app helps so much!


Ukrainian not russian. However, many ukrainian know russian.


Shouldn't pizza be пизза as opposed to пицца because it's a "z" and not a "tz"?


Pizza is an Italian word. In Italian "z" is pronounced closer to Russian "ц" than to "з", therefore in Russian it's "пицца"


im learning really quickly, благодарите Вас duolingo!!!!!!


Поправлю: благодарю или благодарим)


Duolingo says this is singular, but the only translation option that I could chose said "pizzas".

Is this a mistake, or can пицца also be plural?


пицца is also a collective noun, like fish which might mean 1 fish and many fishes as a whole. At the same time if you want to talk about several pizzas as separate entities then you need to use пиццЫ


Я леблеу пицца!! ^


Я люблю пиццу ;)


Most words so far seem to be a 'one-for-one letter' trade off. As in pizza, and radio just seem to substitute the english letter for the russian letter which has the same sound. (I think transliterated is the word i'm looking for). Is this the case for most words, or is this just naivety in the introduction??haha


does anyone else have a problem with the recording? It sounds like prizza to me.


Now I have all I need


One of the exercises won't let me past 'pizza' - how can I type the Russian equivalent without a Cyrillic keyboard?! I am already using the equivalent letters


now i want pizza:(


The most important word in the language


When Russian just sound like forceful English


пиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапиццапицца ;)

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