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Это и Этот? and день

What's the difference between это and этот? Is it gender related? Also how can I write день transliterated? I wrote den' but it wasn't accepted and I don't have a Russian keyboard (I'm not planning on getting one either)

November 4, 2015



"Это" is neuter and used as the general "this" like "this is a car", and "этот" is masculine for when you're directly using it with a noun, like "Этот дом" is "this house" and "это дом" means "this is a house". Don't forget "эта" is feminine and "эти" is the plural "these", and all four of these demonstratives decline in agreement with the noun they're demonstrating.

Edit: Also, "den'" technically should be accepted, even though it wasn't for either of us.


Ok I thought it had to be like Ukrainian because duh, Russian and Ukrainian are sister languages. I was expecting это to become этой for masculine though. Дякую! Спасибо!


"Этой" is a declined form of "эта" in Russian.


Oh ok! Also are мое и моё interchangable?


They're the exact same word, only "моё" is more proper.

Edit: Also, "мое" is still pronounced the exact same as "моё", "мое" is just what lazy people write.


So I would say moyo ALL the time? (I'm just trying to not get confused with Ukrainian's moye)


Да, it is always pronounced as "moyo"


Just an aside. Do you have a touchscreen phone or tablet? I find it's easy to use the site on my phone's browser, and then I can easily install/use a Russian keyboard.


Yeah usually I wait for the mobile course to come out (I have a Russian keyboard there) then I sit at my computer looking at tips&notes while I do lessons


Huh, that's a great idea!


…then I sit at my computer looking at tips/notes while I do lessons

A good tip. — Thanks!


you don't need to change your keyboard you can @borrow one online and cut n past from there? If it helps here is one: https://www.branah.com/russian :)


Have you seen this site that lets you type Russian characters and copy paste them? No need to buy a keyboard and it might be helpful!


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