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  5. "Is she here or there?"

"Is she here or there?"

Translation:Она здесь или там?

November 4, 2015



Why is it not Она вот или там?


Because "вот" is more like announcing something--"Here she is! вот oна!" But "здесь" is here as in a precise location.


sigh this is gonna be a really long answer. I read this on a website a while ago, but i cant find it again so ill try my best to recreate it.

Вот is a demonstrative, translated as "here", but not reffering to the location of something, but rather pointing to it's existence or being of the noun reffered to. Где машина? - Where is the car? Вот здесь. - It's here. Вот там. - It's there. Suffice to say, здесь just means "here". Тут also means "here".


Thank you very much


Can тут replace здесь in this sentence?




For me «Она тут или там?» wasn't accepted by Duolingo 2018-07-24


Есть она здесь или там?

Why is including есть considered invalid?


It's unnecessary. You don't need to include the copula in the present tense in Russian (or at least in most contexts).


For me, тут was totally new. So frustrating...

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Why is здесь in questions usually only correct when placed before the subject, but here it's also correct to place it after the subject? I tried "здесь она или она там" but it was marked incorrect.


I said "Она здесь а там" and it said I was wrong. I thought а also meant or.


It seems like "a" in this context would mean and, as in "she is here and there"


"a" means "and" or "but".

"или" means "or".


Она находится сдесь или там can also mean is "is she here or there" the only real difference is the word Находится, which means "located". Shouldn't have gotten a wrong for choosing two answers in this question. =[


Someone correct me if I'm wrong. So I'm guessing that вот is more like saying "here is this thing" as in if you are taking someone around an area they don't know you can say "here is that place I told you about!" using вот. And там is more like saying "that place I told you about is there" as in a general "there" or "that ice cream stall is there today". Then здесь and тут is more precise like you're looking at a map and pointing out the exact location of that building. Atleast that's how I'm thinking about it. Is this sort of correct?


есть она здесь или там is shown by google translate as a correct answer, so why is it marked wrong when есть is written before their answer?


why the "is" is not said?


Russian has no articles such as is, the, or an


I wish they would add a Cyrillic keyboard for the text boxes.


What's the difference between "а" and "или"?


"а" is and or but "Или" means or


Using latin letters works in DuoLingo for most words but not здесь for some reason. I typed: Ona zdes' ili tam. It was marked wrong with "здесь" underlined. But GoogleTranslate shows the latin equivalent of здесь as zdes'. Why isn't DuoLingo accepting zdes' ? I've been able to use latin letters for everything else, eg. пицца as pitstsa, etc, etc.


What's the difference between здес and здесь?


здесь = here, it is correct. здес - not correct, it usually says people from Caucasus.


This program does not have a Cyrillic keyboard. Any and all attempts to use English phonetically is fruitless. This course is waste of time for level 3 and above without a functioning keyboard.

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