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Why are YOU learning Swedish?

I was raised in Italy and ever since my family moved to the U.S., I've had the urge to move back to Europe. Over the years, Sweden has really caught my eye and I intend to spend the rest of my life there. As of now, I am studying computer networking and will be transferring to a software engineering program come winter - both of which are super transferable skills to any country! By the time I graduate, I am hoping to be nearly fluent in Swedish.

Why are you learning Swedish? Are you planning on living there? Do you already live there? Are you going to Sweden on vacation? Do you have Swedish speaking friends and you want to join in on the conversation?

November 4, 2015



I started learning Swedish a couple years ago just because I thought the country and the language were very interesting and beautiful, and because my family has some Scandinavian heritage, and the same year I ended up meeting my boyfriend, who is Swedish. Since then I've continued to learn because I still think it's beautiful, I now intend to move there relatively soon, and I wanted to be able to understand my boyfriend's native tongue in the same way that he understands mine. I had the pleasure of living there between November and June, and now there's not a doubt in my mind that I want to make Sweden my home. :)


I love this story! :) :)


If I were going to live in any other country, it would be Sweden. It's (literally) on the other side of the world, nice and cold, and celebrates the summer solstice. The distance is a big win for me. The further I can get away from my home and the awful times I've had, the better.

It's my most outlandish dream, but undoubtedly my favourite.


Out of curiosity, where do you live? New Zealand?


Yuppers! Born and raised.

[deactivated user]

    I don't live in Sweden, but I'm going to Sweden in December (Brrr... cold). I'm going to a ceremony, and most people there will be speaking Swedish, so why not practice some? :P


    I live in america but i am half Swedish and i am interested in my heritage


    Being Finnish, I already have a background in Swedish because it's our other official language and I have learned it at school...but since then it had gone a bit rusty, so I needed some practice.

    And once I have run through the basics again, I guess I get more practice than those of you not living in Sweden :)


    I just like to know a little bit of the local language from all of the countries I want to visit.


    My favourite books when I was little when I were the Bullerby Children series by Astrid Lindgren (I think it's been republished as 'the Children of Noisy Village' or something like that now). They're set in a tiny Swedish village with only 3 houses and they have to ski to get to school, which I thought was amazing - so that's where my interest with Sweden began! I also love Swedish films and TV series, so I'd like to be able to actually understand them without subtitles.

    Just out of interest, has anyone visited Sweden and tried to practise their Swedish?! I'm hoping to visit Stockholm next summer and would obviously like to try but I imagine it'd be hard to get a chance, they all speak English so well!


    Astrid Lindgren wrote the Pippi Longstocking books, I love those!! Have you read them?


    Yes, I loved those too! Would be nice to be able to read them in the original one day :)


    I lived in Sweden for 10 months in total in two different cities, and travelled around the country a lot, which I suppose is a pretty valid reason why someone would fall in love with that huge, enchanting piece of land. Especially thanks to my second stay with Swedish people there, I grew to love the language even more, and it is actually so fun to speak. Considering my love for the country itself and the language, I want to be as fluent as possible and hope to move there someday in the near future.


    I'm from The Faroe Islands, and all of the Scandinavian languages are so awesome to me. I want to master them all!


    I wanted to learn a third language. I never knew what it was, i just felt like native+english is really not cutting it for me anymore. I was looking around, and for a trial, i did some swedish practice, and i was immediately in love with it. it was a year ago, since than i have a friend who i mail with from sweden(in english, sadly) and I'm still going strong in studying it. It is an experience really, since getting in contact with the people in a country far away from you, so you'd have a chance to practice and develop relations with the culture is actually proved to be harder than wrapping your head around the grammar.


    Just curious, what is your native language?


    I'm visiting in late June after YEARS of waiting (my Swedish flag has been on my wall so long now, I can barely remember what year I put it up...) and want to spend my time there speaking it. Currently working a whole lot to fund moving there in 2017. It's an absolute dream of mine and my parents are 100% supportive. These years leading up will fly by!


    I'm a language geek and a quarter of my ancestors emigrated from Sweden in the late 1800s. Visiting is on my bucket list, but not really high. If they ever add Lithuanian, I'd take it, half of my ancestry is from there.


    My family is Lithuanian! I'd love to learn the language, too.


    I really want to visit Sweden and all of Scandinavia one day. I will probably try Norwegian after I complete the Swedish course.

    Also, I like the idea of watching Gustav Skarsgard movies without having to take my eyes off him to read the subtitles.


    So that I can understand what's going on when I watch Melodifestivalen.


    why not. "Why not" is my way of life. On my grave, "why not" will probably be inscribed. Hopefully in Swedish and/or in Futhorc runes. Oh, and also because Sweden is a cool place. Is any more reason required?


    Most of my ancestors on both sides of my family were from Sweden. I visited for the first time in September and I want to keep going back. Everyone there is so good at English, but I want to be able to speak Swedish to them.


    I don't know really :) I think just for fun. I am interested to Germanic languages in general so it's important to make an acquaintance with a Nordic language, so I have just picked Swedish as it seems to me being the most universal of Scandinavian languages. Nevertheless I would have gladly tried Icelandic if there only were a course...

    I am not really a big fan of the idea like "I learn the language just because I like the country", as for me a language itself might be beautiiful and interesting enough to learn it without a big cultural approach.
    And the last reason because I am here is that I am a course contributor and it's always nice to learn some new experience from the colleagues :)


    I decided to get back into Duolingo a few days ago; thought it was best to reset my progress since I know I had forgotten most of what I had learned (German). So I thought I'd start with an easier language imo. So far I'm really liking Swedish! The similarities to English and [what I remember from] German are nice so it's very welcoming! I don't know any Swedish people or even plan on visiting for the time being, but that's not to say it's totally out of the question! So mostly for fun, but maybe it will lead to something :)


    Ever since I was a little boy, I wanted to work at IKEA, this brings me closer to my dream.

    But seriously, after many job interviews where I was refused where on the basis that I'm not "skilled enough", which okay, fair enough, I wanted to change by expanding my knowledge on languages. And because Swedish is rather close to Dutch and English, both which I'm quite fluent in, it was an easy choice. So it looks rather good on a cv, that's my main reason.

    And like many others, I'd like to see the world, so I might as well start in Sweden, a beautiful country where people get bit by moose.


    This is going to be so bad, but learning Swedish started when I was about 14 and still really naïve so to say, and really didn't know my way round stuff or even how to learn a language properly.

    I accidentally found a song sung in Swedish written by Sofia Karlsson on the internet. I listened to a few minutes of it and I quite liked the language and was puzzled by the language and the singer too. So, I searched and found it was Swedish. After listening to a few more of her songs, I (I was 14, so please forgive me haha) had my first celeb-crush on Sofia Karlsson. So, that, combined with the fact that her songs seem very good, I took the opportunity to learn Swedish online anywhere I can.

    Anyway, 3 years have past and although I've grown up to the point that the celeb-crush just wore off naturally, I still enjoy listening to her songs and all other songs sung in Swedish of the similar style. What happened during the 3 years before now was quite important, really. Since I was learning Swedish and putting myself into it, I came across many new friends and people from which, not only did I learn Swedish, but I also talked about Sofia (ofc) and many of the things they do that pertain to my interests and studies. This has had a significant positive impact in my life. For example, as I used Swedish in daily life, I realized the importance of character encoding on computer programs I write, because without them, letters like åäö won't render properly. So, I tried to learn more about UTF-8 and enforce it anywhere I can. There have been lots more ideas shared with my Swedish friends that significantly made me a better programmer.

    Furthermore, after 3 years past, I met many more friends who were Norwegians and Danish. It really made me feel good that I could understand them and they could understand me. Right now, a Norwegian and I are having a ... crush on each other and we accept it, but we don't really consider each other gfs and we are keeping it kind of like that right now. If you get deeper, I just want to say that the person also stopped me from taking my own life so many times when I felt very stressed of life. I wouldn't have become 17 if it hadn't been for them.

    I actually live a very far cry away from Sweden, though. To be more specific, somewhere in south-east Asia. It might come to you that schools should teach students about UTF-8 because of all the weird exotic Asian languages; the truth is that they don't -- they have their own codepage which is just kind of wrong, in my opinion. So, here comes Swedish to the rescue, I know UTF-8 before my classmates and it improved my life's quality by a tonne.

    All in all, the Swedish language and culture has been helping me through my teenage years alone, without any mentour or teacher. Yes, it all started because of a strange celeb-crush I had 3 years ago; I was originally learning Swedish because of a crush haha. I sung her songs anywhere I could. Since my life changed for the better as described before, I decided to just go for Swedish with all I've got. :))


    Well, English is my only language, however I am currently obsessed with ABBA (who are Swedish). So I have been inspired by ABBA to learn Swedish.


    I'm British, and my partner is Swedish. We have no trouble speaking to each other (he speaks perfect English) but the language barrier means that I still feel like an outsider around his family, even after having visited them multiple times over the last 3 years. I'm planning to move to Sweden to be with him once I've finished my studies here in the UK, so it can't hurt to get a head start!


    because it is one of the few countries in Europe where the salaries are very high :)


    I went there on an exchange program when I was 19. I was the only one in my group to learn the language fluently enough to speak in 5 months, and the only one who could really hang with the locals because of that. I wrote in my journal in Swedish. Now it is 37 years later and I want to be able to read my journal and some other books I have. I just love the way it sounds, too, and I enjoy learning languages and speaking them.


    Me and my brother wanted to learn a language together so we could speak in a language no one in our family speaks, I wanted to do Icelandic but he wanted Swedish. But I am learning Icelandic as well.


    mhm, it started out as a joke or bet with a Swedish friend because his English and German suck that I would learn so much faster than he (who should have learned both in school). That was before I had even ever been there. Now that I have visited it five times, I love it (actually the first getting off a plane felt like coming home) and plan on applying for positions there (I already have but without success so far) for at least a couple of months. I love languages and hate the feeling of not understanding what goes on around me. I do not speak well but so far I have profited a lot from understanding at least tons of written things. Yes, they all speak perfect English (except for my friend, apparently) but sometimes being able to read the road signs and understand instructions is very helpful. My Swedish (only from sporadic studying with rosetta stone an this year with duolingo) now is by far superior to the French I was supposed to be taught in school for 4 years, mostly thanks to this excellent course!


    Free education in the beautiful city of Lund. My grades back in high school were not so great so if wanna have a chance to get in i need to ace the Swedish SAT...Which is in Swedish. There you have it :)


    My boyfriend is Swedish and, being from the US myself, it's been a very interesting lingual ride. We're in the process of figuring out a residential visa so I can move there with him, and with Duolingo and my boyfriend's help, I'm hoping to get good enough in Swedish by the time I move so that I don't have to speak English there any more (my last visit there was really embarrassing as I knew no Swedish and there was a lot of translation my boyfriend had to do ahah woops)


    I wanted to learn more about Scandinavian culture and Nordic culture by extension and want to visit one day. I heard about Duolingo and saw that Swedish was available, so I decided to give it a shot and so far I like it.


    I'm just kinda interested in the country, culture, and language. All together Sweden seems like a fascinating place. If I ever had the chance to visit or move there I would cancel everything and be ready the next day. I am intrigued by the country in general and would like to learn more about it. The language sounds rather different than what I am used to; it is such a lovely difference!


    Because I have a great interest in Scandinavian history and nordic mythology and find myself unable to understand a lot of the material I would like to read if I did not understand Swedish...


    Because i fell for a swedish girl so I started to learn the language a little, which turned out to have been a good thing to do as i have since moved to sweden.


    Oh wow! Where did you move from? You made it sound so easy.


    Moved from England, it wasn't as easy as it might have sounded, but eu rules definitely worked in my favour.


    Well, at the beginning of the school year my teacher in my gifted class told us about Duolingo and had us set up accounts. Now, I had already heard of Duolingo and I had taken it for Spanish, but I had never gotten into it because Spanish just isn't.. interesting to me. Honestly, English isn't interesting to me either. I knew that I did have heritage in Sweden, so when he showed us each course I was thinking "Hey, why not Swedish?" and I started. It was automatically very interesting and strangely came naturally, yet other languages just.. didn't. I plan on living there eventually, since I just feel at peace when it comes to anything Swedish. Unfortunately my family isn't the richest, so I don't plan on going to Sweden any time soon. Again unfortunate, none of my friends speak Swedish. (Although I do sometimes speak it around them just to make them confused ;) )


    I intended to relearn Spanish (which I learned in high school) and German (which I learned in college) when I found Duolingo. However, my bosses are sisters from Sweden, and this summer one of their friends' daughter Amanda came to their dog camp where I work to spend a month helping out. So at the time I was starting on Duolingo, I was hearing Swedish on a daily basis. So I decided to try it out and found I quite liked it. I soon put the other two languages on the backburner and am now focusing on Swedish. It's great because if I have a question about the language I have native speakers I can ask about it whenever I want. I'm hoping that by the time Amanda visits for Christmas I can have a conversation with her completely in Swedish.


    I am learning English.


    I am traveling to Sweden later this year to visit some friends. When they were here in the U.S., they spoke English; it is my turn to visit their country and speak their language. I should also mention that they do not know, so I am hoping they will be pleasantly surprised with my efforts. The best part will be when I mess up and provide extra entertainment along the way.

    Update: One of the friends I am going to visit is learning French on Duolingo, so naturally, he searched for his FB friends and I popped up. Not so much of a surprise any more, but now we are video chatting and he is helping me with pronunciation, so not a bad thing at all.


    im just learning swedish cause i think its cool lol -sorry, im learning SVENSKA


    my grandparents came from Sweden - I am working on my Swedish genealogy and have found a cousins there (proven with DNA). I am hoping to go and meet my family there in the next couple years. We had to cancel last year due to health and this year due to CO-19, so I want to know some Swedish before I go there.


    This may sound silly but a Youtuber I have a crush on is Swedish and sometimes speaks Swedish in his videos. I am curious to know what he is saying and the language sound sooo beautiful.

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