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"Ich gebe meiner Mutter Blumen."

Translation:I am giving my mother flowers.

November 4, 2015



That's what I do every year on my birthday. I am here not by myself. Do good to your Mom.


When we write mein or meine or meinem or meiner


The DL sentence is in the dative case, and for a feminine noun, you need "meiner".

Here is a table showing which possessive pronoun to use with which case/gender:



This is an awesome website. Thanks!


I've found a very useful link with all german pronouns! https://goo.gl/images/JkQQzt


It says 'mama' is incorrect. Why is that?


Mutter is the more formal version, it means mother. Mama is mom/mum, which is more informal.


"Mutti" is also mommy or Mom.


How do you pronounce the ending "er", is it muttar or mutta?


How do you pronounce the ending "er", is it muttar or mutta?

Nearly like "Mutta". The R is not pronounced as a consonant in the unstressed ending -er; it colours the vowel into something between shwa and "a".


Can I Use Meine instead of Meiner?


you need the -er ending because the possessive needs the dative because Mutter is the indirect object - what you give the direct object TO; Indirect objects must be in dative form, Mutter is feminine, and the feminine dative singular requires -er here.


Really Its difficult to remember all this, can u explain in simple terms please. I can't understand dative, posseesive etc


Danke viele. weeray


why is mother here the dative? do you separate both references to yourself ('ich' and 'meiner') into different cases?

so checking i have this right, 'ich' is 'nomative', mutter is dative and 'blumen' is accusative (or is mutter genitive)


why is mother here the dative?

Because she is the recipient of the giving -- the indirect object of the verb. We mark the recipient of giving with the dative case in German.

do you separate both references to yourself ('ich' and 'meiner') into different cases?

Yes; mein has to agree in number and case with Mutter -- feminine dative, in this case: meiner.

so checking i have this right, 'ich' is 'nomative', mutter is dative and 'blumen' is accusative

That's right.


Why is "I give my mother flowers" incorrect?


Why is "I give my mother flowers" incorrect?

It is not. That's one of the accepted translations.

Do you have a screenshot showing that answer being rejected?

Did you report your answer as "my translation should be accepted"? Did you have a listening exercise or a translation exercise?


So lately, I've made mistakes and been marked correct, which is disturbing. Just now, it blithely told me that "Ich gebe meine Mutter Blumen" was correct. It's hard enough to get all these endings straight without being led astray like that. If I'd noticed in time, I would have reported, but I didn't. Edit Oh, wait, I hadn't yet left that screen, so I did get to report that "my answer should not be accepted". Interesting that there is a button for that.


When do i use Mein, Meine, Meiner and Meinum?


So, is past tense actually a thing in German? I don't think I've seen 'I gave/wrote/saw' etc yet; always give/wrote/see.


is past tense actually a thing in German?



Why is it "give" not "gave"?


Why is it "give" not "gave"?

Because the German sentence has ich gebe and not ich gabe or ich habe gegeben -- it uses present tense, not past.


If you are on a computer, and you drag your mouse over to meiner, the first word that shows up is I, not my. Why?


pjbdqd and Cibulski Junior both ask why is the sentence: "I give to my mother flowers." wrong. IT IS GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT, it is not wrong. Keep in mind that there is more than one way of saying it correctly.


You are entirely mistaken. In English, when the indirect object comes with a preposition, the prepositional phrase comes after the direct object.
I give my mother flowers - correct
I give flowers to my mother - correct
I give to my mother flowers - incorrect



Why is i give to my mother flowers incorrect


Because it's not a valid English sentence. It should be "I give flowers to my mother"


Why "I give to my mother flowers" is incorrect?


That's something Yoda would say. It should be "I give flowers to my mother"


It should accept 'roses'. It's used instead of flowers in many times.


I think if they wanted us to translate it to roses they would have said :

"Ich gebe meiner Mutter Rosen (roses)."

Blumen is less restrictive, it can be any kind of flower, tulips, violets, carnations... or roses. :)

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