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  5. "Does the father eat here?"

"Does the father eat here?"

Translation:Папа здесь ест?

November 4, 2015



So, both "does" and "the" are unnecessary in the Russian question.


You are right. Russian does not use auxiliary verbs or articles.


Is there a meaning variation when putting здесь is the end and in the middle of the phrase?


Actually, I'd put "здесь" in the end by default. Without context, you make a stress on the end of the sentence and this is what matters most. Папа ест здесь? Does Dad eat here? Папа здесь ест? Does dad eat here? You can also stress the word that is not the last, but it is less common: Папа здесь ест? This is what you see here as the default option.


I wrote "Здесь папа ест" since it doesn't mean what was asked, what does it mean?


Can I write "вот папа ест?" or "Папа вот ест?" instead of "здесь"? I constantly confuse these two words. What is the difference? Both mean "here".


Well.. If I may have some opinions :D

"вот" more likely refers to "here is ..." else, "Здесь" more likely refers to "... is here" example: Вот мой гитара = Here is my guitar Гитара Здэсь = The guitar is here


I think "Здесь" is more reffured to as a question, like "where is-" but i guess can also be used instead of "вот"


Почему не принимает "здесь ли кушает этот отец"?


What's the difference between папа кушает тут and папа здесь ест?


Actually, I think a more appropriate (formal) translation of ‘father’ is оте́ц, just like the German word Vater or the Swedish word far. Anyway, since have not tried, I assume both are accepted (if not, I think they should be).


i dont have a Russian keyboard, how do i type in Russian?

  1. Go to control panel
  2. select Add a language
  3. Under change you language preferences, select add a language
  4. Scroll down to find Russian.


Почему не принимает "Здесь ли кушает этот отец?"?

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